52th Birthday Wishes

Fifty two years converted to days
Each day a lesson, learning in so many ways
Today is your day, to turn fifty two.
But it isn’t just a number, it means you’re tried, tested, and true.

Like a tall oak tree,
Basking in the sun.
Silent, experienced, and free,
Watching children play and run.
We feel so safe whenever you’re around,
On this day, you will be crowned.

Envious of you are we,
To witness all you did see.
From your children having their own kids,
And showing how to bandage countless bumps and skids,
Today these children celebrate you turning fifty two,
Your life, your wisdom, and all that you do.

From one to another,
Kindness you share,
Showing your wisdom,
Showing you care.
Today will be a little different,
Today you turn fifty two,
Your compassion returned to the fullest,
And we will celebrate everything that is you.

Fifty two years lived,
A glorious time indeed.
Some moments seemed so slow,
Others passed by with great speed.
A smile should be on your face,
A life we observed,
One filled with grace.
Eyes are on you now,
But not to look down,
Today is yours to wear with a crown.
Celebrating this much experience is a must,
To look up at you, and watch you remain honorable and just.

Fifty two years have come and gone,
This shouldn’t be met with a snore or a yawn.
Your time is just beginning to reach its peak,
Your knowledge consistently something we seek.
Smile now, and show us just what we need to see,
Happiness from you creates happiness in me.

As strong as a mountain that has withstood the test of time,
Appreciative of lessons learned as someone in their prime.
Today is your birthday, when you turn fifty two.
The happiness you’ve given me in my life, I return to you.
Your kindness has warmed me as much as the sun,
Many more years lie ahead for us to play and have fun.
I look up to you and all that you do,
Happy birthday, and may you shine brightly all year at fifty two.

Like a gentle breeze, your touch has helped keep me calm,
During my own storm, on the top of your head you place your palm.
It’s all these simple gestures that have helped me through life,
Sometimes I wonder how you managed with this strife.
If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in your fifty two years,
It’s to help others set aside their fears.
You have shown me how to celebrate a life in the past,
And the years seem to be going far too fast.
I can’t think of a time you turned your back on us, not one ever.
Now it’s our turn to make this a day you remember forever.
Enjoy the happiness and celebration for you,
Today is your day, today you turn fifty two.

A strong hand paired with the experience of yours,
Under your guidance I have opened and closed many doors.
I am so happy to celebrate this day with you,
Someone who has earned my respect and remained very true.
For fifty two years you’ve made others happy.
Now I say happy birthday, lovingly but of course not too sappy.