53 Year old Birthday Wishes

You might think that there’s nothing special you will see
When you turn a seemingly random age like fifty-three.
It’s not an age that has a significant milestone,
But that doesn’t mean that there’s a reason to moan.
It’s a perfectly fine age to celebrate tonight
And you’d better celebrate your birthday just so right.
Because every single day that you’re alive, you see,
Is a very special day for your friends like me!
Happy 53rd!

There aren’t many limericks that are ever heard
For people as they celebrate their fifty-third.
But I hope that this poem will say what I want to:
Hope happiest fifty-third birthday is had by you!

A lot of distance between us there might be
But we’ve never let that stop you and me.
And although I might not be able to actually see
You on this day as you turn big ol’ fifty-three,
I know that you will be filled with glee,
So sit back and relax and have a drink for me!

Happy 53rd Birthday from afar!

We have seen so many memories together
That it’s hard to believe just how long it’s been
Since we first met one another and knew
That we’d spend time together again and again!

But I’m so very glad that we did just that,
Because I can’t imagine life without you by my side.
Sometimes it’s a little scary,
But my love for you I cannot hide!

An so I hope that you celebrate and party
In some truly spectacularly great way,
And that you have a really special,
Fit-for-royalty kind of fifty-third birthday.

Over the course of these years, fifty-three,
You have taught so many important things to me.
I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you
To show me how to live a life like I want to.
You have looked forward each and every day,
With power, never letting anything get in your way.
You conquer each new challenge that is thrown
In a way that shows everyone just how much you’ve grown.
You love and laugh and live with passion,
After yours, I’ve tried to my own life fashion!
For such a great role model I would hate
To see them forget to their birthday celebrate!

Happy 53rd Birthday to someone who’s taught me more than they’ll ever know!

At fifty-three you might think you’re well over the hill,
But I’m here to tell you that you’ve got far to go still.
You still have the dentures to look forward to,
And sooner or later you’ll feel like you’re overdue
For a trip to every kind of specialist doctor,
One for eyes, one for ears, one to give you a walker!
At fifty-three you’re nowhere hear the end,
So, chin up, and keep on going, my friend!
Besides, when it comes to becoming “old”
You’ll know you’re there when you start to grow mold!
Until that day you and I are just going to say
That we’re “middle aged” on every single birthday!
Maybe this is your fourteenth year of turning thirty nine,
But that’s okay, because you know that I’m not far behind!
Happy birthday to someone that I can’t wait to see
Right there in the nursing home room across from me!