55th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Do what you want today
Enjoy every single chance
To be happy in every way
Happy 55th Birthday!

Life is what you make it
Make the most of yours
Your dream is there so take it
Don’t waste a minute more
55 years today
We can’t believe it, Dad!
What else can we say?
With you in our lives, we are so glad!
Happy Birthday!

Be happy today, Dad!
Make the most of your day!
55 years doesn’t always come your way!
Do something silly
Do something fun
Don’t walk. Hop, skip, and run!
You deserve the best
You are a cut above the rest
I only want to say
Happy Birthday today!

It’s a good day to go fishing.
It’s a good day to start wishing.
Why not catch a ball game?
Why not hop on a train?
Watch a movie?
Get groovy?
Sing and dance?
Make a little romance?
It’s your 55th birthday, Dad!
Celebrate it your way!

I woke up today and felt something special in the air
Something big and important was happening, something answered my prayer
My hero, my dad, made it to fifty five
And ever since, I’ve only felt a major high!
Can’t wait to share it with you and enjoy every minute!
Have a happy birthday, Dad!

Have you heard the news?
No reason to feel the blues!
It’s your birthday today!
55 years coming your way!
Hope your day is the best, Dad!
Happy Birthday!

You’ve always been there for me through the years.
You picked me up when I fell.
You taught me how to ride a bike, how to throw a ball.
You helped me to reach for the stars, to be who I am today.
If I am half as good of a dad as you, I’ll be well on my way.
I hope your day is as special as you are.
Happy 55th Birthday, Dad!

Your 55 today, Dad! Go out and make the most of it!
Live every minute while you’re in it!
Seize the day!
Do what you want, not what anybody else tells you to do.
You’ve earned the right to make today exactly what you want it to be!
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Birthdays come and birthdays go, but 55 only happens once.
This day is yours, Dad! Do with it what you will!
Sleep in!
Eat a big breakfast!
Sing in the shower!
Dance in the rain!
Do whatever floats your boat!
Happy Birthday, Dad!

On your 55th birthday, you can do what you want!
Have your cake and eat it too!
Eat seconds!
Watch the game and enjoy your favorite things!
It’s your day to be happy so make it the best!
Happy Birthday, Dad!

I can’t believe my dad is 55!
So many good memories over the years, so many fun times!
I wonder what the future will bring, what big adventure will come next.
No matter what, I only wish you the best.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!
55 years and counting!
Make the next 55 the best!