38 Year Old Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to the greatest 38 year old anywhere around
I should know; I looked and you were the best I found
You deserve happiness and good wishes on this day
Spend every moment celebrating in a big way

You are loved, cherished, and dear to my heart
I apologize that we have to spend your special day apart
Happy 38th birthday from far away
Have a phenomenal and fun day

Your 38th year is here so fast
You might be wondering just what happened to all of the years that have gone past
Time goes by quickly and you don’t always know
What happened to every second of your life’s show
Look forward to the year ahead and all that it brings
Enjoy your birthday and listen as everyone sings
Of happy birthday wishes just for you
I love you and hope for your happiness, too

Happy 38t birthday to a really great friend
I have so many warm wishes I want to send
I wish for you a happy and fulfilling day
I also wanted to take a moment to say
I love you so much and enjoy the time we spend together
I hope your birthday happiness lasts forever

Happiness and cheer to you on your 38th birthday
Now there is nothing that can get in your way
Stand tall and stand proud as you age through the years
Be confident and put away your fears
You deserve all of life’s treasures delivered to your door
Happy birthday to you and here’s to many more

Celebrate your birthday with gusto and great fun
Dance wildly and sing loudly until the party is done
Have a great 38th birthday and live it up all night
Your whole life is still ahead of you, and your future is bright

38 isn’t that old; I just want you to know
You have so many years left to go
Life is a journey all of the way
Live life to its fullest, and happy birthday

Happy birthday to the best 38 year old I know
Now that you’re getting older, try not to drive too slow
Or get too gray or show too many wrinkles on your face
You’ve got a lot of years left in life’s race
I’m kidding; you are still so young and spry
I wish I were your age again; Oh, I could cry!

Happy 38th birthday to a gorgeous and special man
You have that attitude that I admire that always says, “I can”
You make my life worth living and make my heart complete
I still feel the spark in our relationship and the heat
Enjoy your day and all that you choose to do
You are the only one for me, and I love you

Happy 38th birthday to a great friend who is always there
For me in times when I need love, kindness, and care
What would I do without you each and every day?
I hope our friendship is forever in place to stay.
Thank you for being such a good friend to me
I wish you love and good wishes and that you will always be
The wonderful person you are to all who know you
I hope you have a happy day with lots of hugs too