57th Birthday Wishes

“It stands to reason you’re 12 today
according to numerology anyway
five plus seven equals 12 you know
and 1 plus 2 is three,
and the younger you go.
Numbers don’t mean much
so give aging the one two punch.
Fight the notion
of downward motion
up and up you rise
as you become more wise”

“You’re more than half past a centenarian, congrats.
Now welcome to the club of crazy old bats.
We’ll do odd things as old people do,
take naps, pet cats, paint our homes blue.
walking into rooms, forgetting why
My, my, my how time does fly
Happy 57th to the girl in the pink dress.
You’re always young at heart
just teasing you, so no stress.”

“Advantages to being 57 can be seen in reverse
try asking a 75 year old what is worse.
Happy Birthday to my friend young at heart
Numbers are relative, as you know, you’re smart.”

“57 down who knows how many to go?
Look ahead so you can grow.
Set your eyes on your goals,
and surely happily life rolls.
Happy Birthday!”

“Only a person who’s a pill
will call you over the hill
coming down from the peak
is not at all bleak.

Its refreshing to have finished
the hard work of climbing
now time to relax
and spend time reclining
Happy 57th Birthday!”

“Don’t waste a minute of your life
except for naps, once or twice
a day, a morning an afternoon?
who’s counting anyway?
Relax, it’s your birthday
feel free to lay!”

“They say 50 is nifty
but 57? heaven!
who so, you ask?
at my age, no task
if only you know
just being you
you make the world a better place
your grace spares us disgrace
Happy Birthday, Love!”

“Birthday angels flew into today to send some blessings to you on your way. 57 times around the sun. You’ve shown us this can be fun. Life ain’t over ‘cause your body is on a change. It’s just a matter to take time to rearrange. It’s all in the mood and your own attitude. Young can be old and old can be young. As long as you can laugh and know how to have fun. Happy Birthday!”

“Your dog called me today. He barked 57 times, hung up the phone and went on his way., reminding me it was your birthday. He fetched you a cake, which unfortunately he ate. But wait, he’s got someone with him, he fetched you a date! He’s handsome and smart with lots of candy in his cart. They’re ringing the doorbell any minute, so don’t you even start! This is not a joke, it could happen to you. Life sends many unexpected things right out of the blue!”

“Accept where you are and have faith in where you are going. Life’s a journey that can being you to unexpected places at any moment. Each day is a fresh opportunity to start anew. Renew your faith whenever you can remember, and when you get a gift, remember the sender. God loves you at every age and so do we. In your own mind, may you always stay free. Happy Birthday!”