61th Birthday Wishes

There were many messes that you bailed me out of when I was young.
How you put up with me, I cannot even begin to understand the stress.
Today is your 61st birthday and you deserve to have your praises sung.
Thanks for being there, Mom, I have truly been blessed.

People say you’re a tough guy, but you’re just doing what any dad should.
If I was able to start over with what I know now, I wish that I could.
Never has there been a more youthful man at 61.
A constant show of love and adoration lets me know that I have won.

We never had a rivalry like most sisters are supposed to.
It seems more like we were partners in everything that we do.
You can be certain that your 61st birthday is going to be a big party.
Our family and friends can share in the laughter and love that is so hearty.

It is not usual to have a big brother that does not pass judgement.
You always encouraged my ideas, even if it was to your amusement.
I have a fun and exciting 61st birthday party planned for you.
Don’t think you’re too old to see it through.

Any time my mom was mad at me, I knew I could always turn to run your way.
I loved the times you would let me sit with you at night to pray.
There is a special place in my heart for such an awesome aunt.
Enjoy your 61st year in our lives that you enchant.

Our entire family is thankful that you married my aunt.
You’ve always been strong male figure that would let me come by just to rant.
Expect a huge blowout party for your 61st birthday.
If I had to pick a best friend in my life if would be you all the way.

It is common for people to consider 61 to be old age.
There is nothing wrong with hitting that golden stage.
You get to enjoy retirement and experience less stress about stupid things.
Sit around sipping iced tea on one of those fancy outdoor swings.

Growing up, people were always jealous that I had the coolest grandmother.
She told jokes, always looked fabulous, and carried herself like no other.
Your carefree nature and ability to see the bright side make you great for a chat.
Today you hit the age of 61, but you seem much younger than that.

It never mattered that my dad was not there because my grandpa always was.
If I needed a few dollars or a place to go, all I had to do was give him a buzz.
He never loses if he decides to take a bet.
His experience and knowledge is far beyond anyone I have ever met.

My best buddy is a guy you’d be lucky to know.
His care for people is something he will never outgrow.
I’m proud to be here for such a memorable 61st birthday.
I spent a lot of time finding the perfect gift to give away.