58th Birthday Wishes

You might feel at this moment like you’re getting old.
But on you age has certainly not taken a hold.
With a vibrant spirit and your ability to spread joy and light,
You’re a star that’s still shining, now and forever, bright!
Without you here I honestly don’t know what I’d do.
I’ve learned and laughed and lived so many moments with you.
And even though you may begin to each new birthday dread,
Those feelings you should try to remove from your head!
You’re looking well, you’re looking good, you’re looking really fine!
So let’s celebrate today, pass the bottle of wine!
I know that this birthday coming you might really hate,
But I’m still going to wish you “Happy 58!”

Remember when you were a kid and everyone would say,
“Eat some cake! Special occasions don’t happen everyday!”
Somehow when we get older that really starts to change,
We grow angry at our birthday, which really is quite strange.
Of course we all want to be young, and maybe there’s denial.
But eventually you have to get over it after awhile!
Nobody on this earth can avoid growing ever older,
So I say that each birthday party should just get bolder!
Today it truly is a day which we must celebrate,
After all, it’s not everyday that you turn 58!

There’s so much that everyone can do with their time here,
And you go above and beyond most every single year!
You not only teach valuable lessons to those you know,
But you also let your big heart really, truly show.
You have shown so many people how they ought to live.
You have shown me things like how to love and to forgive.
There is always going to be a special place in my heart
For you whether we are here, together, or apart.
You’re truly an inspiration to me in every way,
So I hope you have a very special, happy birthday!
Happy 58th Birthday to a teacher, role model, and friend,
Who always seems to have a helping hand they want to lend!

I was too broke to buy you a present
So here’s a birthday ode for you instead.
It’s a gift as much from my loving heart,
As it is one that may stick in your head!
For fifty eight years you have been right there
No matter what I found that I needed,
You always did give the best of advice
Albeit, sometimes it was not heeded.
But the love that you shared with me each day
Is certain to stay with me forever
Because from a friend like I have in you
I never would ever want to sever.
You really are amazing, really great!
Enjoy this day as you turn fifty-eight!

Fifty-eight is a really long time to be alive,
And it’s a miracle that this long you survived!
With all the stupid things we did when we were young,
I can’t believe “Happy Birthday” this many times we’ve sung!
Through all the crazy nights and mistakes we’ve made,
And all the silly games with our minds and hearts that were played,
It’s truly amazing that we are both still here,
And for that I wish you another happy and prosperous year!