Happy 25th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Hey, sis you’re twenty five!
This is a great time to be alive.
If you know whats good
you’ll stay in the ‘hood
But far away you’ll go
and leave behind your bro
You have to make it on your own, I know.
Anyway, have a great birthday
and I know many good things come your way.

with your adult brain coming in
there’s no more excuses for acting dim
this time has come like no other in life
step up and make it happen or live in strife
Enjoy, but balance it, it’s never forever
Happy Birthday from your big sister,
(the one whose much more clever 😉

At twenty five
beautiful and alive
Your shining beauty from within
is sure to make you win
Wishing you the best
not only on this day
but all the rest.

As your big brother, I’m glad I did what I could to toughen you up for that big bad world. I can see you don’t take any nonsense from anyone and you will never settle for any less than you deserve. I’m proud of you. Happy 25th Birthday, Sis!

I adored you as a child. That’s what little sisters do. And you were so annoyed to have me follow you around. As we’ve gotten older, I still want to do that, but our lives have gone in different directions. I still want to be like you when I grow up. You’re the best big sister ever. Happy 25th Birthday

Happy 25th Birthday, Little Sister! I don’t know who selects sibling combinations in heaven or wherever it may be, but I’d say they made a nice match! Of course we’re different but thats what makes us great, too. No one knows my heart like you. I’m always here for you”

Hey Big Sister, Happy 25th Birthday! I wonder how much longer it will be until you stop acting like my mom and boss me around! Seriously, you taught me a lot. thanks for all the times you took the blame when I was getting in trouble with Mom. I owe you big time! Hope to see you soon and I hope you have a great day”

If there’s anyone in this world I owe a huge thanks to, it’s you, big sister! No one else has made the kinds of sacrifices you have in my life. You’re always the first person I want to call when something happy or troubling happens. You know everything in my heart. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Happy 25th Birthday!

Looking back on our younger years, I was such a big pain. I would’ve kicked the crap out of me, too. I really loved seeing what I could do to rile you up. Thankfully I’ve flipped to the other side as we are in this more mature phase, and all I want for you is happiness. I hope you have a great 25th Birthday and many more!

I know I was a huge know-it-all when we were kids. The more you grow up and make more mistakes the more humble you become. I look back and see that even though you were younger than me, you’ve somehow always been wiser. Happy 25th Birthday to my little big sister!

Sister, where would I be without you? You have shined your light on the darkest times in my life like no one else has. You always know the right thing to say. If even you can feel a fraction of the happiness that you have given my life, this would be a great gift this birthday. Happy 25th!

While most people your age are into boyfriends and their social life, you seem to be guided towards the more meaningful things in life. I respect your selfless and reflective attitude and it inspires me to also try to be more that. Happy 25th, sister!

If there were a special award ceremony for the best sister in the world, I’d nominate you and make the most heart wrenching and hilarious speech on your behalf. Then we’d go out and get party like fools. In fact, who needs a fantasy to do that? Come on over and let’s show ’em how it’s done. My treat. Sisters they can’t defeat! Oh yeah! Happy 25th you crazy rock star!