60th Birthday Wishes for Dad

I face new challenges each year,
But I have never had to fear.
Whether you were acting as my financier
Or congratulating me on a new career,
I want to thank you for being here.
Best wishes to you dad!

I get to celebrate you today,
But there is no way to repay
You for everything you have done.
I just hope your 60th birthday
Is full of love and fun!

You are never obvious about it,
But everyone in this family realizes
That your support is vital.
You have taught me anything is possible,
So I hope your 60th birthday
Is full of wonder and surprises.

Words could never describe how much
A loving, wonderful father like you
Influences a child’s life.
You are so valuable to me that I
Often look to your example
When I raise my own children.
The grandkids and I want you to know
That you have helped us grow.
We love you and wish you
A truly special birthday.

When I think about all the memories we have had,
It makes me thankful that you are my dad.
I have often been frustrated and angered by you,
But I cherish the laughter and good times
When I am feeling blue.
May the following years be free of worries
And bring us lots of nice moments and stories.

I used to think you were ancient when I was a kid
And that you could not relate to the things I did.
I now see we had many similar experiences,
And you could always understand me.
It took me awhile to appreciate you,
But you should know I really do.
Thank you for being patient, kind and true.

There are a lot of jokes I could make
And potshots that would be easy to take
About your simply gigantic age.
I enjoy working you into a rage
And riling you up,
But I can do that later.
You do not get many sincere moments from me,
So treasure this while you can.
Thank you for loving me
And teaching me to be a man.
Happy 60th birthday dad.

They say that age makes you wiser,
But I do not know if that is true.
I have never known anyone
Who is wiser than you.

I probably do not thank you
As much as I should. I might even
Take you for granted sometimes,
But I am so grateful you are in my life.
You deserve this special day and many more.
Happy birthday to a dad I simply adore!

Having a father like you
Has made my life easier,
But a kid like me probably
Made your days harder.
Thanks for loving me
even though I was a handful.
I hope the rest of your life
Is peaceful and relaxing
After having to deal with
A child who was so taxing.

You taught me how to play sports,
But parenthood is not like a game.
You cannot keep score or win it all.
You can only do your best
And hope your children do the same.
You did a great job.
If parents got awards,
You would be in the hall of fame.