65th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Brother, on your 65th birthday I wish you the best
When it comes to brothers, you beat all the rest.

A brother is someone who’s always there
Happy 65th Birthday from the ones who care.

On your 65th birthday take time to play
Have fun, be happy, it’s your special day.

Having a brother like you always makes me smile
Happy 65th Birthday, congrats on another mile!

There are some things I hope never end
Happy 65th Birthday brother, you’re one special friend

When it comes to fun, you are always willing to share
Happy 65th Birthday brother, to whom no one can compare.

Brother, may your 65th birthday be filled with loads of cheer
And memories that keep you smiling throughout the year.

Hey brother, as you celebrate 65 years of life
Enjoy, embrace it, and have a great time tonight.

I hear that 64 is out the door
Happy 65th Birthday brother, and many, many more.

Brother, as your 65th birthday arrives
We’ll remember the joy you bring to all our lives.

Our childhood memories always keep me warm
Happy 65th Birthday brother, I’m glad you were born.

Although a year has passed and we live far from each other
I’m sending warm wishes your way, Happy 65th Birthday dear brother.

Happy 65th Birthday brother, and here’s my wish for you
That all the joy you spread all year, comes swiftly back to you.

As you celebrate your 65th birthday today
Remember, dear brother, that you’re cherished in every way.

Brother, although there are miles that keep us apart
On this day of your 65th birthday, you are ever in my heart.

It’s your 65th birthday but I feel like I’ve won
God gave me a best friend and brother in one.

Hey brother, on your 65th birthday this year
I wish you good times and days filled with cheer.

65 years ago today we were blessed with you
I wish you the best dear brother, and may all your dreams come true.

We grew up together and I’ve watched you grow
On your 65th birthday brother, you are loved more than you’ll ever know.

At 65 years old today you’re still my little bro
Happy Birthday and thanks for all the good times, we still have more to go.

On your 65th birthday as you send one down the hatch
Remember you are the brother that no one else can match.

On your 65th birthday I’m glad to say
That if I’d had my choice in brothers, I’d have pick you all the way.

For your 65th birthday brother I’m writing to say
I hope you have a great time on your special day.

On your 65th birthday brother, I hope all your dreams come true
Because in my heart I know for sure no one deserves it like you.

It’s your 65th birthday brother, oh what a sight
Have fun, celebrate and let yourself go tonight.