60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

Mom, I’ve learned so much about life from you…
You’ve helped me feel confident by trusting me,
and shown me how to laugh at my many mistakes .
With you at my side, I always felt I could do anything,
which is exactly why you are so very special to me!
With All My Love – Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!

Mom, putting up with us kids all of these years
could not have ever been an easy task,
that is, unless you compare it to putting up with dad!
Happy 60th Birthday, and many more to come!

The years may change many things
but never the love this message brings.
And never the pride and contentment, too
That comes from having a mother like you.
Happy 60th Birthday to My Mom

Moms have a unique way of being kind and good,
and a special way of caring that no one else could.
On your birthday, sit back and enjoy the day!
Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!

To a Wonderful Mother,
Throughout my life, you have always been there for me,
You listened, guided and were a faithful friend to me,
My life has been smoother and a whole lot easier too,
Because of the inspiration and love I received from you!
Happy 60th Birthday to the Best Mom Ever…

There’s no one else in the world like you Mom,
Each year, you have always found more ways,
To be sweeter and kinder than the previous year!
Have a Very Happy 60th Birthday, Mom

Moms are just like birthday gifts,
they come in all shapes and sizes.
Some are full of unusual surprises,
while others are totally predictable.
But, very few are perfect packages,
the way that mothers like you are!
Happy 60th Birthday to My Impeccable Mom

On this special day, I am sending birthday wishes
to my amazing mom who has always managed to be
patient, understanding, generous and sympathetic.
What else can I say but LUCKY FOR ME!!!
Happy 60th Birthday with Lots of Love!

A warm and loving wish for my wonderful mom’s 60th birthday…
May your day be filled with enthusiasm, love and happiness!
Happy Birthday from Your Loving Daughter

The years hurry past and change many things,
but never the love and wishes that birthdays bring.
Have a Wonderful 60th Birthday, Mom!

You’re such a lovely mother
And so nice a grandma, too.
It’s a joy sending you best wishes
On your 60th Birthday, just for you.
May Your Day be Filled with Love

Guess why I’m smiling, Mom!
It’s because…
1. You’re my mom
2. It’s your 60th birthday
3. I love you
Happy Birthday, Mom

Wishing you a Happy 60th Birthday
Because you’re a wonderful mother!

A Special Thanks on your 60th Birthday,
Thank You for all the Things You Do,
And Most of All, Thanks for Being You…
Have a Marvelous Birthday, Mom

Because today is your 60th birthday,
it’s time to take a bow
for all that you’ve accomplished
and you’re still achieving now.
Today’s the perfect day
to wish you all the happiness
you’re so deserving of…
Have a wonderful day, Mom!