15th Birthday Wishes

I remember bouncing you on my knee,
But now you are taller than me.
You are older, but we all agree that
We only love you more as time goes on.
May your life be filled with joy this year
And all the years beyond.

You are a great young man
Who treats his relatives well,
But I know you do not like it when
We get sappy and gush about your strengths.
I will make this quick, but I must say
I grow more proud of the man you are becoming each and every day!

You cannot wait until you get older,
But 15 seems like too much to me
Because I remember when you were three.
I might want to make you stay young forever,
But I do not have to worry
Because age only seems to make you better!

Your future is so bright,
And I hope your special day
Brings nothing but good things your way.

May this year bring you lots of happiness,
But do not be discouraged by any sadness.
The lessons you learn as a young man
Will help you as you age.
Embrace the good times and grow stronger in the bad,
And as time goes on this will make you glad.

You have so much to look forward to
As you learn how to drive,
Continue high school and
Take on new responsibilities.
Have fun with everything that lies ahead,
But take time to enjoy the present
as you open presents and eat cake.
Make every moment nothing but pleasant.

Getting older seems lame
Because of more homework,
Less allowance and harder chores,
But look on the bright side.
If life starts to be a drag,
Congratulate yourself on being 15.
You have lots of reasons to brag.
You get to stay up later,
You will start to drive soon,
You are getting taller
And most importantly
You have a relative like me.
If you feel down and not very cheery,
I am always around to give you company.
Have a very happy birthday!

Celebrate and have a blast!
Enjoy being 15 while it lasts.

Time seems to really fly by,
And 15 years made you into a great guy.
I do not know what will happen in 15 more,
But I hope this year you get everything you wish for.

My wish for your 15th birthday
Is that you know how special and loved you are.
Whether you ask for a car,
Something bizarre
Or a guitar to become a rock star,
All your gifts are only tokens
That show you how much we care.
Things come and go,
But we will always be there.

Go wild on your birthday!
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,
Or just don’t pout
If your parents find out.

Life as a teenager is hard,
But your birthday should not be.
Have a wonderful day!
If you need anything, you can count on me.

Focus on asking for the fun stuff on your birthday
Like video games, a bike, a computer and more.
I wish that you receive what is not found at a store.
May this year bring you joy, fond memories, love and success.