63th Birthday Wishes

Hey, look at you, you’ve reached 63
Still looking great, it’s plain to see
You’re not old; you’re now in your prime
Hoping your birthday is a wonderful time

You’ve had a rich life full of many good days
You’ve been an inspiration to others along the way
I’m sending you 63rd birthday wishes with lots of cheer
Here’s wishing you happiness now and throughout the year

May your birthday be cheerful, fun, and bright
Forget all your troubles, at least for tonight
Don’t believe it for a second, 63 is not old
There’s still so much more of life to unfold

You’re 63, but there’s no need to fear
Your family and friends are always near
Take the joy and the laughter and forget the rest
Happy 63rd birthday to one of the very best

Looking back through all the years, I still can recall
You and I have been together staying close through it all
You’re 63, and though older and wiser you have become
Happy birthday to a person who’s still energetic and fun

Now that you’ve made it to your 63rd year
There’s something from me you need to hear
Let’s have a good time, let’s dance and sing
Wishing you all the joy your birthday can bring

You’re starting a stage of life that’s exciting and new
On your 63rd birthday may all of your dreams come true
You’ve always been so special and meant so much to me
I’m hoping all the best for you that could ever be

How quickly time goes, the years just flew
The good times and bad, you’ve made it through
Wishing you birthday cheer no matter what you do
Happy 63rd birthday to someone as wonderful as you

It’s time to cut the cake and uncork the wine
It’s time to get ready for a fantastic time
Though 63 candles will surely make it bright
We’re ready to have fun and enjoy the night
Best birthday wishes to someone we all adore
Hoping only good things for you and many more

Remember way back when you were young
Think of all the good times, all the fun
Now we’re much older, I admit this is true
But there’s still a lot of life left in you
And so always keeping that thought in your mind
On your 63rd birthday, hope you have a great time

Children are raised, careers are winding down
For many years now we’ve both been around
But we’ve got a lot of life left in us still
Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re over the hill
So put on your party hat and wear your smile
Happy birthday to someone who wears 63 with style

For 63 years a special person has been around
May on your birthday true happiness be found
Go ahead, you’ve earned it, go have some fun
When the celebrating is over and the night is done
Remember I’m wishing the best birthday ever for you
May your life be full of joy and your troubles few