65th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Some say that turning 65 means you are a senior citizen, but there are some who need to listen. 65 is the age that you truly start to glisten! Happy Birthday!

No one knows how old you really are, but I know that you are a bright and shining star! Enjoy the day my friend, celebrate until there is no end.

You might be 65 on the outside, but on the inside, you are still the fun loving sister I always knew! This will be a day that we party until we are through!

Keep you sense of style alive as today you are turning 65! Happy Birthday dear sister!

I pray that all of God’s grace will come for you on this your special day. These are wishes that many often say, but I know you will have all of the joy and fun on your 65th birthday!

There is no explanation of how time flies, the only thing I know is that the love I have for my sister never dies. Have a wonderful birthday!

Age is nothing but a number as we tread along this path of life. Here’s hoping that you have many more wonderful birthdays, including today as you cut your cake with a knife!

Let loose, get wild and crazy, and enjoy your 65th birthday! Explore the town with your loving sister who hopes to spend many more birthdays with you.

Your family will honor you on this your special day. Celebrate in a beautiful way as we will go somewhere and play! Who said turning 65 had to be dull and boring when there are sisters who love each other? Happy Birthday!

As we reflect on this birthday together, know that I couldn’t imagine celebrating my birthday with anyone else but you dear sister. We share a bond like no other, and that has proven the test of time. I celebrate your love as much as you cherish mine!

To my sister who is older than me, I hope that you will see that you can now take me to the movies since you can get the senior citizen discount! Happy Birthday to someone amazing!

As you look back on 65 years, you can think about the advancements that you have seen. The cell phone, the CD player and the man on the moon. No matter what you have seen, know that on my shoulder you can lean! Happy Birthday!

Stay calm. That gray hair you see is only a sign that you are now officially a senior citizen. Happy Birthday to a sister who is one of a kind in heart and mind!

All the world is a stage, and 65 is nothing but an age. There is nothing more I can say than to wish you a spectacular Happy Birthday!

The love between sisters is something that can’t be broken. I will celebrate with you today by giving you this special token. Happy Birthday!