70th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Words could never express the love I have for you
The way I’ve admired every moment of your life
And the way I’ve laughed with you
And appreciated the many years of your advice

I thank you for raising me
For loving me and for teaching me your ways
And I wish you all the love in the world
On this, your 70th birthday

Dad, it’s just another milestone for you
On this beautiful journey that is your life
And I’m here to celebrate this day with you
Morning, evening, and tonight

As we gather around you to show our love
And express our appreciation
Happy 70th birthday to my favorite guy
I hope you enjoy this celebration

Dad, we love you so very much
And we’re here to help you handle
A 70th birthday full of excitement
And 70 big candles

All of your children are here to say
That you’re the greatest guy in the world
So happy birthday from all of us dad,
From your favorite little girl.

Birthdays are the greatest thing in the world
When they’re celebrated by a terrific father
Surrounding him with birthday cake
And fun, and love, and laughter

I’m here to say happy 70th
To the man that taught me how to love
And I’ll be here for the rest of your life
To give you warmth, and laughter, and hugs.

70 years has come and gone
Since my dad was born on this earth
And not a single day goes by
When I don’t think about his worth.

He’s the kindest man I’ve ever known
And the best dad I could ever hope for
So happy birthday to my one and only dad
Everyday I love him more!

I love my dad more than life itself
And respect him above all other men
Today he turns 70 years old
And I’m here to say happy birthday again.

On his special day, I’ll give him a hug
And remind him of all the times we’ve shared
Most of all I’ll remind him
That I will always be there.

Sometimes you were tough on me
But you always taught me what I needed to learn
You showed me that whatever I get in life
Must be worked for and it must be earned.

So today I’ll celebrate your 70th birthday with you
And remind you how much I love my dad
For earning the respect of his child each day
And for all the wonderful times we’ve had.

Happy birthday to the wisest man
I’ve ever had the pleasure to know
Thank you for the lessons,
For all the life lessons you’ve shown…

To me as I’ve traveled on this road of life
It’s because of you I have what I have
So I’m telling you happy birthday right now
To my wonderful and wise old dad

Don’t forget to have some fun on your birthday
You’ve earned it by raising me
And I love you more today than ever
Cause you’ve always shown me that love is free

The birthday cake we give to you
Was not free by the way,
So please don’t forget your children love you
And share some cake with them today.