70th Birthday Wishes to Sister

When we were growing up, we had so much fun
It’s amazing to think of all that we’ve done
We’ve been there for each other through the years
We’ve shared good times, laughter, and tears
What you mean to me I can’t find the words to say
To my wonderful sister I wish a Happy 70th birthday

70 fantastic years have now come and gone
You’ve lived a life that’s been rich and long
We’ve seen each other through all the trials
We’ve shared the happiness along with the smiles
Happy birthday, sister, good times are in store
Here’s hoping together we’ll share many more

We’ve been through marriage, jobs, children, and strife
Together we’ve endured the ups and downs of this life
And now that we look back on all that has been
With my sister by my side, I’d do it all again
Happy 70th birthday, may our good times never end
All my love and good wishes to my sister I send

After 70 years, you can still dance and sing
After 70 years, happiness you always bring
After 70 years, you make the most of all you do
Happy birthday sister, best wishes to you

Looking back through the years, over the past
It’s amazing that life has gone by this fast
So now you have 70 candles that will brightly shine
Of all the sisters in the world I’m glad you’re mine
You’ve lived a great life with family and friends
Happy 70th birthday, may the good times never end

Great love and care you have always shown
Because of you I never faced my troubles alone
To a sister who’s rock solid in every way
I’m sending wishes on this your 70th birthday

Through many years together we have grown
I think of the seeds of love you have sown
How rich you’ve made my life in every way
Happy 70th to my sister on your special day

We grew up together during a different age
We’ve seen each other through every stage
Now as 70 years of life does quickly approach
I raise my glass and give my sister a toast

Sometimes we argue and don’t always get along
But we always make up no matter who’s right or wrong
You’re my sister, my friend, always deep in my heart
We’ve been together in life, right from the start
On your 70th birthday this I want you to see
How much my dear sister, you do mean to me

We’ve experienced overwhelming joy as well as great pain
We’ve had our days in the sunshine, and those in the rain
One thing that never changes, is you by my side
That you are my sister I say with great pride
Happy 70th birthday wishes on this day I do send
To my sister, my confidant, and my dearest friend

You always gave more than you would ever take
And so this 70th birthday wish to you I make
I’m wishing you laughter and joy, for you only the best
When it comes to sisters, you’re a cut above the rest