34th Birthday Wishes

“At 34 life is sweet: Tempered both by youth and experience, we hold the best of the life in our hands, and the best of the world at our feet.”

“Like a summer’s day at peak, or a full and loving moon, a 34-year-old is at their prime, at once reflective May and contemplative June.”

“34 is the age at which we begin to understand ourselves: How we want to live, what we value, the friends who mean the most to us. Marking that age is marking a new part of life where self-awareness becomes the cause of our happiness and opportunities.”

“When we reach 34, we begin to know how to take the good with the bad in life; but our lives are all the better for better understanding what the good is, and why we call it good. What we may have sensed at an earlier age is apparent at 34, just as our minds might struggle for the answer to a deep question, only to suddenly realize its answer in one profound moment.”

“By 34 we have begun to dictate the terms of our lives, and to have the greatest cause for optimism, which is only another word for the understanding of how to will ourselves to create happiness.”

“At 24 we strained to understand ourselves in the way we might wander in the dark before the sunrise wondering at what stands before us in utter mystery. At 34 our surroundings are clear, as though the sun has risen and cast its light about us. What seemed imperceptible and shrouded in darkness only a short time ago is now as clear, as peaceful and as lovely as a river shimmering in the sunlight. The light is wisdom, and the surroundings are our experiences.”

“34 is a sweet age, in which either the strengths we’ve developed allow us to carry the world on our shoulders as though it were light as a feather, or in which we understand how to develop such strengths.”

“A 34th birthday is a sign pointing towards who, what, and where we want to be in life. It is also a time when we realize the means to get there.”

“Just as a full moon illumines the night, at turning 34 life is at its most luminous, revealing night flowers and other treasures that were once hidden in the darkness.”

“An oak tree takes time to grow and strengthen, but it becomes one of the strongest things in nature. So it is with human beings as they reach their prime: At 34 the strengths we’ve developed begin to show their worth as we weather storms in difficult seasons and blossom in sweet times.”

“At 34 we temper our friendships with wisdom, and temper our wisdom with friendships.”

“34th birthdays are a time of great celebration, a time to recognize how far we’ve come, and the skills we’ve developed to bring happiness to ourselves and others.”