71th Birthday Wishes

To my great friend on his 71st birthday
I hope there are phenomenal things coming your way
You deserve happiness and joy that will last forever and always
You deserve love and affection for all of your days

You have taught me so much through the years I have known you
You have taught me about strength, will, and ambition, too
I hope you have a wonderful 71st birthday with lots of love
I hope you receive may blessings from up above

At 71, you are still as spry as can be
You certainly can run circles around me
On this birthday, I wish you continued good health,
Lots of love from your family, and even wealth
There is no nicer person that could be found
You certainly are the best around

Dear friend, I hope you know how much you are loved and cared for
I hope you have a fantastic 71st birthday and many, many more
There is no one more deserving of life’s happiness than you
I hope you receive many blessings of joy and cheer, too

I hope your 71st birthday is one of joy and peace raining down from above
You deserve to be enveloped in a warm blanket of love
Spend your day with your family members and your friends, too
I hope you know just how much I really do love you

There aren’t many people on earth as sweet as you are
When I want to see true beauty, I don’t have to go far
All I have to do is look at your sweet smile
I could sit in your presence for quite awhile
And soak up your goodness, your charm, and your grace
There simply isn’t a more honest face
To be found anywhere on earth that I can see
Have a happy 71st birthday just from me

Happy 71st birthday; how did the years go by so fast?
It seems like when we were younger, time hardly passed
Through the years, our friendship has grown strong and true
There is no one I would rather spend time with than you
I treasure every moment we spend together
Let’s keep this relationship strong forever

Do you know that I consider you to be a rare treasure as well as a friend?
From the very start, I knew that I never wanted our relationship to end
I hold you dear and close to my heart in every possible way
You deserve happiness and good wishes on your 71st birthday

How will you celebrate your 71st birthday?
With balloons, chocolate cake, or special wishes coming your way?
I hope that you get all that you wish for this year
Along with lots of extra happiness and good cheer

Take your time and make special birthday wishes that will make your dreams come true
There is no one more deserving of all of life’s happiness than you
You are such a special person who treats everyone with such grace
There are so many people who enjoy seeing your smiling face
I hope your 71st birthday is filled with celebrations and fun galore
Enjoy your moment in the sun; I hope you have many more