Birthday Wishes for 80 Year Old Man

Every single year, you get more grand and grand,
so this year to you I say, happy birthday man!
The years of your life have been bold, never bland,
and we all know that you are part of an incredible plan.

For eight decades now, you’ve graced our lives with light.
For eight decades now, you’ve made each day more bright.
For eight decades now, your smile has made a grand impact,
and we know you’ll continue to be this way. That’s a fact!

Eighty years ago, a gift was sent to earth
and that present was the joy of your birth.
Since you’ve been here on this green grass,
you’ve made each day a fun-loving blast.
Now, the tables have turned, and we’re here to celebrate you,
and, indeed, we’ll do whatever you want to do!

Today is the day we celebrate someone great:
Someone who is turning 72 plus eight.
Since this is a time to celebrate someone who is the best,
let us raise a glass and let the wine do the rest.

Every year, we gather on this day
to celebrate your birthday in a special way.
This year, we gather to celebrate a big number,
and I wish you the happiest of days, my older brother.

Happy birthday to someone who has brought us so much joy
up until this day to the time when you were a little boy.
We are glad to have been here with you along these travels and roads,
and we are glad that all of us siblings lived until our days of old.
Always on your birthday, we will be right here
to bring you blessings, joy and good cheer throughout the year.

From the first day that you came to this world,
you were a very special little boy.
I remember the days when we played in the grass and grew to men from boys.
Now we’re at a time in our lives when we are grow old.
No matter where the years take us and what burdens we must bear,
I’ll always be here for you my brother and my dear.

Wishing someone so special a happy and amazing birthday is a piece of cake,
but it won’t taste better than the one that I will make.
Now, let’s dive in and have a big old slice,
and we’ll celebrate your birthday in a way that’s quite nice.

My father, you’ve been a confidante and a friend.
My father, I’ll stand by you until the end.
My father, today is one we celebrate in honor of you.
My father, know how much I love you too.

Eight decades have passed more quickly than you might know.
You’ve seen seasons of rain, sleet, sun, wind and snow.
But one element that has always remained at the heart
is the fact that from you, I never want to be apart.
Happy birthday to a man who deserves all of the best,
and who is certain to have greatness to come yet.