74th Birthday Wishes

Kick up your heels, let’s get ready to shout
Lots of birthday fun is what it’s all about
You’re 74, let’s all have a fabulous time
Birthday joy to someone who is still so fine

You’ve finally made it to 74, may you have many more
You’ve certainly aged well, that I’m here to tell
Happy birthday to you, good wishes I’m sending through
Have a fabulous day, and may good things come your way

It’s amazing to look back on the years and all they’ve meant
And so many of those years together you and I have spent
You’ve always been a person that I want to have around
You’ve been there for me, through the ups and the downs
Happy 74th birthday to someone I know will always care
May we have many more days together that we will share

A life full of memories, more than we could ever count
My admiration and love for you, you should never doubt
I’m glad you’ve been in my life for all these years
Happy 74th birthday that is full of fun and cheer

Now that you’re 74, don’t you dare feel down
It’s time to get up and go out on the town
We’ll have a great celebration like we always do
Here’s a big happy birthday wish just for you

It’s great to look back and remember the past
It’s fun to make new memories that will last
You and I have been close right from the start
Happy 74th birthday from the bottom of my heart

You’ve reached the time in life when it’s time to relax and look back
And though the journey hasn’t always been easy, you’ve stayed on track
You’ve weathered the storms and stayed hopeful and positive all the while
And so a wonderful 74th birthday I’m sending to you with a smile

Special 74th birthday wishes to you I send
May your happiness today and forever never end
Though there may be a few wrinkles on your face
You wear them quite well, with dignity and grace
At 74 years old there’s still a sparkle in your eye
The way I feel about you should be no surprise
So grand birthday wishes I’m sending to you
Have a wonderful day and fantastic year, too

You’ve got a lifetime of great stories to tell
You’ve experienced a life that’s been lived well
And now as you’ve reached birthday number 74
I hope for you all the very best and many more

At 74 you’re still cool and you’re hip
You’ve plenty of energy, zest, and zip
You’re really amazing, all you still do
So I’m wishing a happy birthday to you

You have definitely stood the test of time
You’re still someone who really does shine
So let’s play the music and start the band
Happy 74th birthday, you’re still so grand

Here’s remembering the past, while looking to tomorrow
We’ll cherish all the joys and forget about the sorrows
We’re still full of life, yet seasoned and mature
It’s incredible to think after all we’ve endured
We’re still young at heart, happy, and free
Happy 74th birthday, to you from me