12th Birthday Wishes

“You’re 12! What does that mean?
You’re now officially a ‘tween
stuck between a kid and a teen
although your heart may be in two places
it’s not like you’re going to the races
getting older is weird and fun
but any old person will tell you
if they have a kid’s heart, they’ve won.”

“Today if you put a 1 in front of a 2
those are the numbers that equal to you.
How time flies, just a little while ago
Your ABC’s you didn’t even know.
Now you know more as you grow
It’s amazing to see you mature
and how much within you are secure
I’m so proud of you, my sweet 1-2!”

“Junior high would’ve had me running
if you had not been my way coming.
You are a true friend in every way
I hope you have a great birthday.”

“If I could be 12 again, I’d be just like you. You’re an awesome kid that will grow into a adult that I am looking forward to knowing. I am so proud to see how well you do in school and that you make nice friends. Don’t forget your Granny when you have time to visit. Happy Birthday!”

“What kind of teenager will you be?
Not a rebel, one who’s really free.
A kind and noble one, a friend to all,
not one that gets in trouble at the mall!
Happy Birthday! You’re growing so fast
But don’t forget to make your innocence last.”

“I can see you rolling your eyes when I start off a story saying “when I was your age..” OK, I understand,I know things are a lot different for you than they were for me. I’m starting to really see that I will have a hard time relating to everything you go through. I want you to help me. I don’t ever want to close my heart because I don’t get it. I want to have an open mind. I want to understand who you are becoming. Happy 12th Birthday, Sweetie!”

“I’m not a writer or a painter, but if I could make a painting for you on your birthday, I’d paint a beautiful rising sun. I see you coming into a new day as you grow. You are so beautiful and powerful. You help love grow in the hearts of people. You shine your light everywhere. I love you. Happy 12th Birthday!”

“I see the stars in your eyes, how the world belongs to you now and you can do anything you want. Do you realize what a great opportunity you have with your life, and how amazing that is? I think you do. I’m so proud of you. I know you will make the best out of whatever life gives you as your destiny is created. God bless you on your 12th Birthday.”

“I remember when you came home from the hospital after you were born. I swaddled you in a blanket and you would go right to sleep. It was so easy to make you happy then. Now things are more difficult as I am learning how to be a mom to someone who is not so much of a kid anymore. I want to protect you and I also want to set you free to learn on your own. I know it’s hard for you. I want to try my best to help you make your dreams come true. Happy Birthday from your Mom”

“My little girl
is like a pearl
shiny, moonlike, and pure
anything she can endure.
Happy 12th Birthday!”