75th Birthday Wishes for Mom

Your age does not define the strength that lies within
Or compare to all the love you’ve shown to your children.
We celebrate this day, so you will hear us say,
“We treasure who you are today and every day.”
Happy Birthday, Mom, may you know how much you are loved.

I was thinking about your 75th birthday, Mom, and it just didn’t add up.
You don’t look 75.
You don’t act 75.
So I’m thinking they really meant that if you add 7 + 5 you get 12, and that’s really how old you are inside.
Yup, you’ve got a whole other lifetime now to live!
Happy Birthday to the youngest 75 year old I know!

Birthday wishes can’t describe,
The joy I feel about your life.
How kind you’ve been, how loving, too,
The one I depend on to get me through.
You inspire me in so many ways
That Happy Birthday just can’t say
How special you are to me on everyday.
Happy Birthday, Mom, love always.

Looking back over the years of your life, it’s incredible to think of all that you’ve seen and done. I stand in awe of your accomplishments as a daughter, woman, wife, and most of all, my mom. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. Happy Birthday and many blessings more to come.

Think of all the wonderful stages of your life, Mom.
Think of all the family you inspired along the way.
Think of all the love you gave us each day.
Think of all the joyful times we shared.
Think of all the sorrows you showed us how to bear.
Think of all the ways you get to now enjoy
The fruits of your life that have come back to you tenfold.
Happy Birthday, Mom. You are my hero.

A bouquet of flowers for you, Mom,
To let you know how much you are loved on this special day.
A ray of sunshine for your eyes to make them even brighter.
A gentle breeze to caress your cheek.
The warmth of laughter to fill your soul.
And the hug of my arms to surround you with thanks.
I’m so grateful you are my Mom. Happy Birthday.

My mom’s a diva, through and through.
She’s cute, she’s quirky, she’s funny, too!
Her actions could never give away,
The fact that she’s 75 today!
I only hope that I can be,
As lively and happy in my seventies!
God bless you, Mom, and Happy Birthday!

No one will ever know,
How much you showed me the right way to live and the right things to do.
No one will ever understand,
How your loving words and actions pulled me through.
No one will ever comprehend,
How much you gave me your strength and your love
No one, except for God above.
Happy Birthday, Mom, may you always be blessed.

Life’s road isn’t always smooth.
But somehow, you always managed to walk in truth,
Pushing on, even when times were tough.
No one could ever guess,
The deep feelings you hid from us,
When sorrows came and the waters were rough.
But through it all, you never failed,
To show us love would always prevail
And that just being a family was always enough.
Happy 75th Birthday to a loving woman who is still going strong.

Blessings to a wonderful lady
Who’s 75 and absolutely amazing!
Mom, I’ve never known anyone quite like you
Happy Birthday with love! Happy Birthday to you!