Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Dear cousin, you have always been so special to my heart
I am so sorry that we are spending your birthday apart
You mean so much to me that I want to be there with you on this day
Happy birthday and be sure to celebrate in a big way

Happy birthday, cousin! I know you will enjoy your day
Live it up big and party all the way
From sunrise to sunset so you don’t miss any of it at all
Let your hair down, kick off your heel, and have a ball

As a cousin, I could not ask for more
I love you down to my very core
You have always been such a good friend
I don’t want this closeness to ever end
Please know that you are in my thoughts today
As you celebrate this special birthday

Happy birthday, cousin, it is time to party all night long
We’ll start with cake and presents and sing the birthday song
You sing loud, and I’ll sing low
We’ll keep going and go, go, go
Until we fall over with so much fun
You really are my cousin #1

Dear cousin, I have learned so much from you through the years
You have been there to teach me, help me, and ease my fears
You have done so much for me in such a sweet way
I hope you have a wonderful and a happy birthday

I wish for you a day filled with lots of laughs and fun
As far as cousins and friends go, you are number one
I think you deserve a happy birthday surrounded by those that you love
And those that have gone before you looking down from above

How old are you, cousin, on this birthday?
It seems to me that you are getting old and gray
You don’t have to tell me how old you are because I already know
Your wrinkles are showing, and you’re moving kind of slow
I still love you no matter how old you get
I’ll catch up to you in just a bit!
We can grow old together and enjoy our days
Basking in the sun’s beautiful rays
Happy birthday, cousin, you deserve the best
Focus on your happiness and forget the rest

You are such a sweet and thoughtful cousin and always have been
I am so glad we’re friends and even happier that we are kin
Happy birthday to special person who will always be dear to my heart
I’m sorry that we are spending this birthday apart
I love you and hope your day is all that you hope for
Here’s to a great birthday and many, many more

Dear cousin, you are in my thoughts today
I hope you have a fantastic birthday
Fill up the balloons, hang a banner on the wall
You deserve the very best of all
Celebrate in a big way
This is your special day

Another birthday has rolled around, cousin, and I know you are glad
Don’t worry; getting older isn’t so bad
We’ll age together and pretend we’re young in out hearts
Instead of really just being two old farts!