75th Birthday Wishes for Sister

You’re my oldest and dearest friend, this is still true
It’s hard to believe everything that we’ve been through
You’ve been there to support me through good times and bad
Of all my blessings there’s one thing I knew I always had
A fantastic sister who’d stick with me all the way
Here’s wishing you a wonderful 75th birthday

We’ve been together since back in the day
My heart is so full, there’s so much to say
You’ve been by my side through thick and thin
I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again
I’m glad that together we’ve spent so many years
Happy 75th birthday to a sister who is so dear

It’s hard to believe how fast the years have gone
I remember our childhood games and funny songs
And now as life begins to wind down and the sun to set
I look back on our long lives and have few regrets
All I have is one request, and I hope it comes true
That this 75th birthday is very special for you

Let’s forget about the diet, it’ll be easy if we try
Let’s stay up late reminiscing about the days gone by
We’ll have a little cake and we’ll have a little wine
The years we’ve spent together have been so fine
There’s just one more thing you need to hear
Happy 75th birthday to my sister who is so dear

We’ve been on this journey called life for quite awhile
We’ve made it through good times and bad with our usual style
We’ve been joyful, scared, and sometimes laughed so hard we’ve cried
I’m so glad I’ve been through it all with you by my side
Happy 75th birthday to a wonderful sister

Though friends may come and go through the years
Though life may be hard and full of tears
Though I be a daughter, friend, mother, and bride
I can always count on my sister to be by my side
The rest of our lives I know we’ll continue to share
Happy 75th to someone who I know will always care

Life hasn’t always been easy; there were times that were tough
Your love and support for me has always been more than enough
Since I’ve been a baby I’ve had a sister, tried and true
Happy 75th birthday to a sister as wonderful as you

We have been together for as long as I can remember
And now we’ve reached the stage of life that is December
I’m fortunate you were in my life right from the start
Wishing you a happy 75th birthday with all my heart

While growing up, we loved, laughed, and fought
Though apart for many years, I think of you a lot
I remember our time as kids as if it were only yesterday
Now that we’re older there’s one thing I have left to say
You’re truly a special human being and a cut above the rest
Have a great 75th birthday, here’s wishing you all the best

Love for me you’ve always shown
That I’m cared for I’ve always known
Although I live so far away
Wishing you a happy 75th birthday