Funny Birthday Wishes for Teenage Girl

Once you reach your teen years you have to:
stop counting with your toes and your fingers;
pull away from seconds on those sweet zingers;
memorize the alphabet instead of just the song;
learn the benefits of company and of being alone;
realize that components of a full and complete meal;
get used to being the one always behind the wheel;
enjoy all of your birthdays but please realize;
socks replacing toys really is the big surprise;
and smile big and convincingly even when you get
a lecture on good habits, proper spending and bad debt.
Happy Birthday… you’re growing up girl.

Right now you may enjoy being called to the phone, not being alone, every flavor ice cream cone, your parents being gone, hearing your friends moan, believing in the unknown and effortless muscle tone. Be prepared for some of these things to leave a big stain, be hard to gain, remind you of rain and bring a little pain. Happy Birthday… you’re learning.

Too mature to be a child, not mature enough to be an adult. Welcome to the teen year. The only time in your life where this will be thought of as okay. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday love. You are growing up so fast. Just yesterday you were harder to keep clean but much easier to appease.

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter! Now that you are old enough to understand irony I would like to sincerely thank-you for growing out of that “Mommy knows everything!” stage.

Happy Birthday Big Sister with love! Our dog ate your card.

Birthday’s and life are so funny, at least that’s what I think.
It can be great one second and change in less than a blink.
So if you’re very happy smiling all day, wait a short second.
It’s not here to stay but on the other hand it is great to know,
That when you have the blues they will also soon go.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dear Friend! I hope you appreciate this homemade card. I used the last of my ink to write it. Be sure to brag about that fact to our teacher tomorrow. I didn’t finish my homework.

Happy Birthday Little Sister! When you open my gift, remember what mom said about it being the thought that counts.

Parent’s embarrass you.
Boys don’t have a clue.
Your hair is never right.
Your pants are always tight.
Your skin has its days.
Someone else pays.
Your body is full of changes.
Your mood forever ranges.
Your secret crush is a poster.
Romance lacks luster.
Birthdays lack true tears.
These are your teen years.
Happy Birthday Dear!

Front of card:
Happy Birthday to a great student!
Inside card:
My gift is written on the front of this card.

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you. Okay, where was I at?

I remember when pink used to be your favorite color. No returning, retiring or re-gifting. Happy Birthday dear niece!

On card envelope: A bow
Front of card: Happy Birthday Cousin
Inside card: Because you’re such a good sport I want to let you know my allowance was short and my gift is just the bow!
Back of card: After-all, I couldn’t get you a cheap gift.