35th Birthday Wishes for Friend

My friend, may God’s favor fall full on your life;
May the best of all blessings be yours.
My friend, may great peace end your stress and your strife;
May God grant you a peace that endures.

May your spirit be humble and ready to hear
All the wise words that may come your way.
May you yearn for true wisdom this whole coming year;
May God grant it as for it you pray.’

In the middle of life, in your 35th year,
May your place in God’s Kingdom be found.
May the rest of your life
Bring a smile, not a tear
To the One who from Heaven looks down.

Birthday wishes to you
From a friend to a friend;
Birthday blessings to you
From the LORD.
May you mourn for your faults,
Yes, but always then turn
To the comfort of God in His Word.

May your spirit be meek
And your soul full of joy.
May your hand for a noble cause
You always employ.

May God comfort you, friend,
In the year yet ahead.
In sorrow’s empty room
May you find joy instead!

May your hunger and thirst be
For that which is right.
May God grant those desires
That are good in His sight.

May you merciful be,
And God’s mercy receive.
May your heart be made pure
That your God you may see.

May your spirit be filled
With great peace all this year;
Be tranquil in turmoil,
Knowing God’s always near.

May your 35th year be
The best you’ve yet known.
May it teach you
God loves and takes care of His own.

With a joy all divine,
May this year overflow
Till the Source of the blessings
Your soul shall well know.

May the purpose of God
For your life, friend, be clear.
May you seek Him and find Him
And ever stay near.
May you confident be
In God’s promise to you:
The work He began
He will surely pursue.
He will never give up
On His dear chosen child-
May His grace make your life
A life that’s worth while.

To a bountiful year
Full of blessings you wake
On this day that you turn 35!
May you find in each day
Of the journey you’ll take
A reason you’re glad you’re alive!
May joy burn within
And outlast, my friend,
The candles that burn on your cake.
May you diligent be-
To the grindstone your nose-
As the most of each moment you make!
Every blessing that shines
Down your way from on high-
May you catch every ray
With a wondering eye.
May you drink every drop
As if rain pure and fresh.
May God grant you, my friend,
Your every birthday wish!

May life treat you kind;
May success, friend, be yours.
May your heart and your mouth
Then give thanks to the LORD.

Birthday wishes to you,
My friend old and true,
On the 35th birthday you’ve known.
May God grant you the grace
To well finish your race,
Always mindful that life is a loan.
May you as good a friend
As you’ve been
To the end,
And may others see Christ through your ways.
In this 35th year that you walk on the earth,
May you honor Him all of those days!