80th Birthday Wishes

You’re 80 years old and still going strong
So keep on celebrating all year long!

It’s your birthday, so let me just say
You’re looking fabulous at 80 today.

On your 80th birthday there’s one thing I know
It’s all about you so steal the show.

I can’t believe you’re 80 today
It seems like our friendship started just yesterday.

Happy Birthday dear friend and best wishes to you
For a happy 80th birthday that lasts all year through.

On most days of the year you are the one who inspires
But today on your 80th birthday you are the one we all admire.

You’re 80 years old today
So have a great time enjoying your day.

Happy 80th Birthday and remember that you
Are the one to be waited on, let us cater to you.

Birthdays come and birthdays go
But on your 80th birthday you are definitely stealing the show.

Happy birthday to you
Congratulations…you’re 80 years new.

These are birthday wishes for all of your years
80 to be exact…well done…Cheers!

You’re 80 years old and looking good
So celebrate and live it up as only YOU could.

Happy Birthday on the big 8-0
You’re more loved today than you’ll ever know.

Time passes but some things stay the same
Happy 80th birthday to one of the best in the game.

You’re still in the know, you’re still in the loop
Happy 80th birthday from your favorite group.

The party planning is done, it’s here at last
It’s your 80th birthday, so have a blast!

Milestones are the markers of the strong
Happy 80th birthday and best wishes all year long.

The cake is done, the candles are lit
Happy 80th birthday to the one who’s still fit.

80th birthdays don’t come every day
So take some time to do the things that make you happy today.

You’re 80 today and we’re all thrilled
So have a day that’s happiness filled.

Happy 80th birthday to one of the greats
And the only person I know with all the right traits.

Your 80th birthday is a special time to say
you’re loved and thought about each and every day.

This special birthday wish is just for you
Happy 80th Birthday, your light is shining through!

Another decade has come and gone
It’s your 80th birthday and you’re still going strong.

Everyone says you’re truly the best
Happy 80th birthday, keep living with zest!

Happy 80th Birthday, there’s no one like you
So here’s to a great one and blessings anew.

This special day comes with riches untold
Happy 80th birthday and all the joy your heart can hold.

Your 80th birthday is a great time to share
How often you’re thought of and how much we care.

Happy Birthday you’re 80 years young
May your day be filled with happiness and good things to come.

On your 80th birthday remember one thing
It’s your day to be pampered and treated like a king.