Birthday Quotes for Very Special One

“There is nothing greater than a best friend because that friend, whether we like it or not, never leaves our side. They know what we need before we need it and know us better than we know ourselves.”

On this day, best friend,
Please remember that you
Have changed my life.

You took the pain,
The strife,
And change it to love,
To life.

My dearest friend, on your birthday.
I am reminded of quotes that speak to someone as true as you.
Rather than try to come up with the words,
I will just say that, you, my friend,
Are “the sun in my sky.”

“Friends come and go, but best friends, the most special of friends, can never leave our hearts.”

As I reminisce on your birthday, my dear friend,
I am reminded of how long we have known each other.
You have loved me like a brother,
And your spirit of a mother
Has lead my life in the right,
Out of the night.

Thank you for never leaving,
Because I know upon cleaving
Our hearts were rendered one in the same.

My dearest friend, I have thought of words to say
On this, your most special birthday.
I look forward to celebrating this day each year
Because it brings me such special cheer.
I hope that you have a day to remember,
Because you are family, a member,
Of the group that cares for me so,
The one and only,
The one who showed my how to grow.

My dear friend, your birthday is here again,
And I hope that this card gives you more than strokes from a pen.
How can I tell you call that you mean to me,
When you have save my life so completely.
Friends are not all one in the same,
You saved me,
Even when I didn’t know how to play the game.

My dear, dear friend,
I wanted to give you words to hear.
Words to remember
So that your birthday
Would be oh so special.
I fought hard to find a friend like you,
And I promise I will always be here,
In times bright or blue.

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend
An honor for you on your birthday I shall not pretend.
You have done more for me that I could every repay,
And you bring your light to my life every single day.
I hope this is the best birthday yet,
Because of your heart, I will never forget.

My special friend, this is your best day.
I know that you don’t like growing old,
But you age beautifully in every way.
Rather than staying blue as you grow old,
Remember that you have given me a new way
To live my life every day.

To my special friend, on your birthday, I must confess
There is nothing better than standing by your side
In joy or duress.

Please remember that I am committed to you
Because I have gotten
More than I deserve of you.