Birthday Wishes for A Wonderful Friend

Our family is given to us, and we do not get to make a choice.
Friends like you make an empty life feel whole.
You have the gift to comfort with the gentle sound of your voice.
Have a great birthday, from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Today we celebrate the day my amazing friend came into this world.
You fill my life with so much happiness and love.
I can never forget the days we laughed, danced and twirled.
You fit me so perfectly, like a comfortable glove.

No matter how old we get, you still have the heart of a child.
Nothing ever gets you down, and at times you go wild.
Don’t think of this birthday as growing older.
You simply get smarter, brighter, and bolder.

I love you in a way that I often times forget to say.
You warm my heart with your presence everyday.
I always think of you on your birthday.
You can always count on me, even when we are old and gray.

You stick by my side through good times and bad.
If I ever lost you, I’d be more than just sad.
All of my best memories have been with you by my side.
Happy birthday to my most wonderful friend that I confide.

My world would not be the same without your smile.
If you needed me, I’d walk an entire mile
No matter what happens in our lives, trust that I’ll always be near.
Especially on your birthday, to bring you a beer.

Through the years together, you’ve taught me how to do so many great things.
From letting things go to becoming a better human being.
I hope you never wonder just how much I care for you.
Your birthday is the time to celebrate everything you do.

Someone like you makes a house become a home.
If you needed it, I’d give you everything I own.
Have a great birthday with loved ones around.
My friend, you deserve nothing less than a crown.

There are so few angels living here on Earth.
Today we celebrate the day your mom gave birth.
No one is quite as wonderful as you happen to be.
I’d be lucky to find out that you think the same of me.

We have gone through times of sadness, failure and pain.
The best times come after we sit through the rain.
Use this birthday to move past all of the bad times.
We move forward to nothing but an easy downhill climb.

Use your birthday to make a special wish.
I will cook your favorite entree and side dish.
We will have a glass of wine and fancy dessert.
Let’s enjoy the good times before we end up in the dirt.

When I was a child, I wished for a wonderful friend for life.
No one could separate us, even in times of strife.
You deserve to get the everything you want on your birthday.
Let’s go have a fancy dinner and I will pay.

You’re one of my favorite people I’ve ever met.
Spend your birthday with me, no sweat.
I will plan the party and invite every guest.
Take it easy and go get dressed.