Birthday Wishes about Health

Sometimes birthdays are hard,
And we feel all alone.
When you encounter an obstacle,
Remember it is just a stepping stone.

It’s your birthday,
There’s no way to prevent it.
The best way to predict your future though,
Is for you to invent it!

You made it through another year,
And you’re no worse for the wear.
But if you don’t take better care of yourself,
This I will share.
Eating doughnuts in the morning and junk food at your desk,
Fried food and ice cream will leave your waistline grotesque.
You will lose all your energy and you are sure to be lazy.
You won’t want to bathe and your future will be hazy.
So exercise and eat better is what you need to hear.
So you can celebrate another birthday next year.

Here’s the perfect birthday gift for you.
A basket of fruit and a juicer.
And in no time your pants will fit looser.

You’re looking great as another birthday rolls by.
When it comes to the working out, you are not very shy.
As most of us age and tend to take it easy and sit,
You, on the other hand, are looking healthy and fit.
Even though you’re older and made it through another year,
By the looks of things you have nothing to fear.
Keep it up and keep putting in the hard work
While you remind the rest of us of things we should not shirk.

You’re another year older and another year wiser.
So here’s some advice from your health care adviser:
Walking 30 minutes each day will strengthen your ticker.
And help you shed unwanted weight a whole lot quicker.
Watch what you eat and avoid fried food
To lower your high cholesterol that you have accrued.
A glass or two of red wine will not hurt,
But too much beer, tequila and gin you definitely should avert.
Last but not least, it’s OK to splurge
Because it’s your birthday you don’t need to purge.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Here is some advice that is not very new.
Be happy and kind, there’s nothing you can’t handle
Avoid all the stress and blow out the candles.
If you don’t take care of yourself,
More birthdays will be few.

Everything you do in every little way is an inspiration to all of us every single day.
You have a special touch that we love so much.
So on this day we celebrate, a birthday for one’s who great.

As the days pass quickly and the years fly past,
Here’s some birthday advice that I hope will last.
Take nothing for granted, be happy and kind,
You will sure to be thankful for a very long time.

You turn a year older today, strong and brave in every way.
The secrets to life involve exercise and diet
And so on your birthday, you should try it.
Live long and prosper should be what you strive for
Not cake and ice cream if you want to live more.