Birthday Wishes for Parents of a Son

You loved me when I left my toys around the house
and when I missed washing behind my ears.
You loved me when I left forgotten treasures in my pockets,
and when I made you proud, you fought back tears.
You are the best mother any guy could ask for,
and I love the way you taught me right from wrong.
Today, I celebrate you because I love you,
and I wish you great big smiles all day long.

Wishing you the very best of all you’re hoping for
because you mean so very much and I couldn’t love you more.
With my whole heart I thank you Mom for everything you do,
and know today and everyday I am always grateful to you.

Of all the Mom’s in the whole wide world I know you are the best.
That means that I am one lucky son because I put you through the test.
Happy Birthday Mom

You are the best Mommy ever.
Do you wonder how I know?
You always take good care of me,
and for that I love you so.
Happy Birthday

Today is your day Mommy,
and I am so happy you are mine.
You laugh and play with me all day,
and make everything just fine.
Happy Birthday

There once was a little boy who needed lots of love.
He had a chance to play and dance and always had great fun.
Now that I am all grownup with children of my own,
You’re still important in my life because God made me your son.
Today, these birthday wishes are especially sincere, and
I just want to thank you Mom, for memories so dear.
When you reflect back on our lives and think about the past,
may you remember happy days and those sweet memories that last.
Birthday Blessings

You are one in a million and the best kind of friend,
and I thank you for being there to always defend.
You stand by my side through the good and the bad,
my guide, my teacher, and the best kind of Dad.
Happy Birthday

When life was before me as a very young boy,
you were there to protect me from harm.
Then, as I got older you were there with advice,
and you taught me to turn on the charm.
Whenever I faltered or strayed off the path,
you were there to guide me along.
I thank you so much Dad, for all that you did
for with you I could never go wrong.
Happy Birthday Dad

You have a way of making everything so good,
even when I don’t do things exactly as I should.
We always have a great time with play and lots of fun,
so today is your day Dad. Love always, from your son.

You are the best in the whole wide world,
and I am so glad you are mine.
You are funny, smart, and you make me smile,
and today is your day to shine.
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Daddy,
You are so good to me.
I hope your day is lots of fun.
Best buddies always are we.

Thank you Dad so much for always being there.
I thank you too for all the ways you let me know you care.
You taught me how to be a man by the thoughtful things you do,
and someday I hope to be as great a dad as you.
Happy Birthday