Birthday Wishes about Life

May your life be filled with the strength to go.
May your life be filled with knowledge to stow.
May your life be full in every way.
But, most of all, may you always have happy wishes on your birthday.

An old woman once told me to live while you can.
Life moves so fast, if you don’t have a plan
It will be gone in an instant, with the snap of a wrist,
And so I’ll say to you this, Happy Birthday! May it be filled with bliss.

If life is a river,
Your dreams are the sea.
The current flows on
Over rock, over tree.
It bends and it twists
To keep on its path.
It will never lose sight
Of the goals it once had.
So as you grow older
Each following year,
May the river flow straighter
And bend to no fear.

Life is joy and life is pain.
Life is sunshine and life is rain.
Remember to be strong, fight through the worst
For your time will come that will end the adverse.
So on this birthday, remember to laugh.
For just like tomorrow, it will soon be the past.

Follow your dreams and never let go!
Start every day fresh because you never know
Where you’ll be if you keep chasing your goal.
Maybe one year from now, you’ll be there heart and soul.
So happy birthday now, and have a wonderful year.
May it bring you every joy, laugh, and cheer.

One day it will end,
This race we call life.
And we won’t be ready,
Unless we think twice
About what we are doing
Each day with our life
And striving for better
When there is only strife.
Let your birthday remind you
How much you have left
To forge straight ahead
With each living breath.

Life is a merry-go-round of surprise.
One day you’re just opening your eyes.
Then suddenly at school learning to sing.
Next thing you know, you’re wearing a ring.
Remember to always enjoy every day,
Especially the good ones, like this birthday.

The joy of the first snow that you see.
The chill of the wind as you run free.
Each of these is a moment to treasure, hold near,
Take every moment as precious and dear.
One year older you are now, the time goes by fast.
Keep loving life as each day goes past.
Celebrate today, it will never come back
Except in fond memories that you sometimes unpack.

You’re growing and learning and living this life
As it brings you up paths and leads you to care
About every day that comes packed full so share
All of the wonderful times lacking strife.
With this birthday remember that you’re never too old
To learn a new instrument, new song, or new dance
So long as you keep learning, perchance
Your dreams one day will come true as long as you’re bold.

Happy birthday to you!
May you never be blue.
Life may get bad.
It will make you sad,
But just keep on pushing through.