Birthday Wishes for 65 year old Woman

What do these people have in common?

Balladeer extraordinaire Lionel Richie and
Julia’s Prince Charming, Richard Gere
The Boss, Bruce Springsteen
Piano Man Billy Joel
Olympian to Kardassian Bruce Jenner
and alian fighter Sigourney Weaver
Stick-like model Twiggy and
Oscar winner Meryl Streep

What do they have in common?
They were all born in 1949.

Then there’s my personal favorite – you!
You’re in good company
and so are they!

Happy Birthday!

Some of us, when we started out
had hopes and dreams
we talked about.

Some of us kept them locked inside,
afraid to share
and full of doubt.

It’s not the path you chose to travel,
it’s the fact that
you are here

That makes my world a better place
just knowing
you are near.

By now you know just who you are.
Life has tempered you
to the core.

You know the best is yet to come.
You’re ready and
you want more.

Happy Birthday!

When you look into a mirror,
and see 65 years of life,
look hard to see
the little girl,
the teenager,
the wife.

There’s a mother and a daughter,
and a sister in there too.
They’re looking back
and wondering
what you’re thinking,
what you’ll do.

Don’t disappoint them.
Make it count.

Happy Birthday!

You’re all signed up for Medicare.
There’s lots of grey
in your hair.
And when you choose
which shoes to wear
comfort counts
more than flair.

You’ve been around just long enough
to have a story to tell.
Life lessons count
for something.
Why not share them?
What the hell?

It doesn’t matter if you work,
if you retire or volunteer,
you can still make the world
around you
glad that you are here.

Happy Birthday!

You have six and a half decades
of growing
of learning
and watching
and knowing.

So take the wisdom of those years
to conquer your remaining fears.

Happy Birthday!

When we were young
we were often told
that six-five
was really old.

But now that we
are finally here
that magic number
holds no fear.

Happy Birthday!

They say that beauty
often lies
in the eyes
of the beholder.

Discerning people
that look at you
see the beauty
of getting older.

Happy Birthday!

Did you ever wonder why
when you were just a kid,
your family lived so differently
than Ozzie and Harriet did?

In the sixties and the seventies
were you a flower child?
Did you march in protest of the war,
or was your awareness mild?

It doesn’t matter where you stood
on the issues of the day.
You wouldn’t be you without them.
It’s made you who you are today.

A number’s just a number.
Sixty-five’s not bad –
it’s good.

You’ve found your way
by trying things
you never thought you would.

Now you’re armed with knowledge
and experience
to share

So get on out there, do your thing
and show the world
you care.

Happy Birthday!

When you were just a little girl,
oh, how you loved your mother.
And that mother of the daughter
loved her own mother too.

When you were just a little girl,
oh how you loved your grandma.
She’d show you love in everything
she tried to do for you.

The good news is that time has passed,
sixty-five years as a matter of fact.
The little girl you were has grown,
to love a little girl like your were shown.

Happy birthday