Birthday Wishes for 35 Year Old Man

A 35th birthday is certainly one to celebrate in a huge way
You might be getting older, but you can’t ignore the day
Celebrate the successes you have had so far in life
Remember the good days, the achievements, and even the strife
All that you have been through makes you who you are today
You are a great man, and I just want to say
Have a happy birthday filled with laughter and good fun
You are one in a million, a phenomenal father, brother, and son

At 35, you still know how to rock like a star
Keep your wonderful spirit that makes you who you are
You march to the beat of your own drum; that’s for sure
Your intentions are good, and your heart is so pure
I am honored to know a man like you
Happy birthday, man; and I love you, too

Happy 35th birthday friend; I love you like a brother
When it comes to having fun, you do it like no other
I enjoy every moment we spend together having fun
In my big heart, you will always be number one

Happy 35th birthday to a man who has accomplished a great deal
I wanted to take just a moment to tell you how I feel
I have so much respect and admiration for all that you do
I believe in your future, and in you, too

A 35th birthday is a big event for sure
All you need is a boat, a rod, and a fishing lure
You can sit on the water all day long to think about how far you’ve come
You have risen to the top, broken down barriers, and surpassed some
You still have such a long way to go
Keep your head up, and I know
That you will continue to grow in success
I believe in you because you’re the best

Happy 35th birthday to a man who knows how to live it up in a big way
I hope that happiness, laughter, and thrills find you all day
Try to be good as you party and eat cake
Remember that you have to live with the decisions you make
I kid you because I know you are a man of honor and brains
I know that you will have a year of successes and great gains

You deserve the very best 35th birthday a man could ask for
You deserve laughter, happiness, entertainment, and more
You deserve riches of love and of wealth
You deserve riches of peace and of health
I hope this year is one of the best
And stands out among all of the rest

This might just be the year that turns out right for you
This might just be the year that makes you love what you do
There is no one on earth that deserves more than you do
Have a happy 35th birthday and enjoy yourself, too

A 35th birthday is meant to be celebrated in a grand way
Take a moment to enjoy yourself on your special day
Take some time to do what you love to do
Relax, go fishing, and watch sports, too
Make yourself happy in every way you can
You deserve the best, you fortunate man