Birthday Wishes for 45 year old Woman

As the sun sets on year 44,
Just walk onward out the door
Letting go of the mistakes,
Leaving only joy in your wake.

As the sun rises on year 45,
I see a time for you to thrive
Stepping forward into the future
Knowing this year will be even cooler.

Happy Birthday!

A card simply cannot do justice to all you are
Caring, beautiful, and the most loving by far.
I gave you my heart
Never to part
My wife who shines like a star.

You provide for our family’s needs
I notice and do pay heed.
I give you a token
Of my love’s devotion
My wife, I am lucky indeed.

Happy Birthday!

It is good to be alive
At the age of 45.
Celebrate this special day
By sipping your favorite latte.
Take some time to reflect
And then select
The memories to carry through
In this new year with you.

Wishing you the Happiest Birthday ever!

Did you know that 45 years
Deserves many cheers?
It is more than 16,000 days
Of that I am amazed.

When comparing the two,
If I were you
I would say I am 45
Years being alive.

Enjoy your day!

The teens were daring.
The twenties were experimental.
The thirties were wearing.
The forties are fundamental.

In your forties, you have strength
Your heart knows how to love.
You benefit from your experience.
You will fly like a dove.

Happy 45th Birthday!

Shake your booty to a groove.
Let your body dance and move.
Swing your way down the line,
Let your birthday-self shine!

Eat a piece of cake,
Eat the frosting too!
Indulge a bit for my sake
To celebrate that you are you!

Happy 45th Birthday!

It’s your birthday!
I just want to say,
No cooking a meal,
Go shop for a deal.

No cleaning the house,
Go buy a new blouse.
No folding the clothes,
Go smell a rose.

No running to the store,
Take a bath and shut the door.
No dealing with the children,
If needed I will be a villain.

You are amazing!
I am praising
My beloved wife
Who makes my life!

You are lovely.
Your personality bubbly.
You are brilliant.
Your soul resilient.
You are amazing.
Your life worth praising.
You are devoted.
Your love is noted.

Enjoy your 45th birthday!

Breaking all the rules in life
Brings success and sometimes strife.
Going for your dreams
Brings splendid things.

You will never regret
The time you have spent
Struggling, learning and striving
Truthfully, I find you inspiring.

On this happy occasion,
I have but one oration.
It is my wish for you
For all your dreams to come true.

Happy Birthday!

My life is an open book to you.
English and math, you saw me through.
When my life fell apart
From a broken heart
You picked me up then too.

Now we live far apart in miles
Thoughts of our youth make me smile.
Texts and e-mails
Tell of our latest tales
Keeping us close all the while.

On your birthday, I wish you the best.
Please know that I feel quite blessed
To call you my friend
From beginning to end.
I wish my love for you expressed.