Birthday Wishes for a 35 Year Old Woman

35 is a beautiful age,
A solid middle ground.
You’re neither foolish and young,
Nor to old to get around.
Your midway through your 30s
Not quite over the hill,
You’ve got awhile til then,
At least five years, still!

Birthdays shouldn’t be scary for you
When you’re so ageless and young.
Growing better with each passing year,
A year older shouldn’t make you high strung.

You’re graceful enough, at least in your heart
Although you might stumble sometimes.
And a friend like you is priceless and true,
I’m honored you’re one of mine!

Thirty five years, you’ve shared with the world
Your ever joyful and lovely presence,
So I wish you a peaceful, happy birthday,
And hope you get lots of great presents!

You’re halfway to 70, so now it’s only
A matter of time passing by.
Before you start to see age set in,
Time’s going to start to fly.
You’ll wake one day and wonder aloud
“Is that a gray hair I see?!”
You’ll be in denial and think “Oh, no.
This can’t be happening to me!”
Soon you’ll start to lose your keys
Then realize you’re losing your mind.
But the silver lining is that I
won’t be far behind!
We’ve had so many great memories
Made coming just this far.
And the antics we’ll get into again,
I can’t imagine what they are!
But after 35 years of you on this earth,
One thing I know for sure.
You’ve done great things, so keep it up!
Here’s to 35 more!

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
But as you age your eyesight gets weaker.
You need to start asking for print to be bolder.
And you can’t read menu’s, either!
But don’t you fret, because from my eyes
You’re still just as gorgeous as ever.
And you can trust me, since I’ve grown so wise,
I just wish my eyesight was better!

Happy 35th birthday to a woman whose beauty truly is timeless!

As you get older you’ll start to hear
New words to describe your beauty.
“Ageless,” or “timeless,” or “Ever young,”
People will say these like it’s their duty.

They never start saying these kinds of things
Until after you’ve hit 30 or so.
But now you’re 35, so it’s bound to happen,
I just thought you ought to know.

You may wonder why these extra words
Have become necessary to use.
You may wonder why “beautiful” won’t suffice,
You may start to feel the blues.

You may stop to ponder what it all means
Whether they’re being sincere.
But know that your beauty truly is timeless,
You’re ageless year after year!

At 35 you’re ready and willing
To conquer the world with strength.
You’ll stop at nothing, you’ll do your best,
You’ll go just about any length.
You’ve learned a thing or two in the past
And you’ve got much more to learn.
But you’ll also teach those in your life,
And quickly respect will be earned.
You’ve shown so many people how to have fun,
And the joy you’ve spread is divine.
You deserve to have a great birthday this year,
So let’s open a bottle of wine!

Happy 35th Birthday to one classy and sassy lady!