Birthday Wishes for 50 year old Man

Happy fiftieth, my good old chum
Let’s get celebrating with this bottle of rum
We’ll have a grand old time and sing and dance
Just give this birthday rhyme a chance!

It’s your fifth decade and time to say
Let’s get this party started, yes, today
I’ll bring the hats and streamers, for old time’s sake
You’ll bring the soda and one big cake!

Some of our friends have told me that
Turning 50 means going over the hill
I’d like to think that’s not true
But sorry pal, my opinion means nil!
So happy birthday to my ancient friend
To your walker and cane we’ll attend.
At 50, you see, you’ve gotten pretty old
We can’t leave you out for too long
…lest you mold!

I brought you a birthday cake with candles
But I think it’s going to need some handles
It’s too heavy for me to to hold, you see;
with 50 candles, it’s weighing it down for me!
When you get this message then perhaps
You could give the one candle rule a chance
This single candle can represent fifty more
Just blow the one out, even if it’s a bore
My arms will thank you and you can still make a wish
(Perhaps for a lighter cake serving dish!)

I went on a website hoping to find
a suitable message or birthday rhyme
I’m not that creative, my friend, you see
Finding something online is just easier for me
But the feeling is real and that’s what truly counts
So Happy Fiftieth; that, I’m proud to announce!

Doggone it, my pal, you’re fifty, it’s true
(In dog years, yes, but that counts too)
When it comes to style you make even poodles think twice
At your impressive age you’re still looking nice!
As canines go you’re unmatched
And to me, mon ami, you’ll always be newly-hatched!
So here’s to you my doggy friend I’m positively thrilled
To give you a celebratory bone and a drink of beer (chilled!)
We got you a birthday cake, even, from a specialty store
It’s all for you, a dog who makes our hearts soar!

What can I say about this man at fifty?
He’s always cool, friendly, and nifty!
It’s a real pleasure to know him so well
So here’s to you, my friend, you’re always so swell!

Biting into cake on this warm summer’s day
There’s something that I just wanted to say
It’s your fiftieth birthday
And I’d like to make a toast
To a friend, a pal
A guy about whom to boast!
It’s a special day of this I know
For a chum, a swell guy, a regular bro!
So let’s raise our glasses and salute him truly
He’s a great guy, and fifty newly!

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t rain
and that your day’s anything but mundane
You see fifty only comes around once
(But you know that; you’re no dunce!)

I’m glad to get to celebrate with you
a friend who’s always right and true
Let’s go out and paint the town red
It’ll be great, we’ll break some bread!