69th Birthday Wishes

Turning 69 years old is not such a big deal.
Age is just a number that has little to do with how you feel.
Time goes by so quickly that it doesn’t always seem to be real.
Have an amazing celebration of a life that has been surreal.

It is not easy to see my sweet, nurturing mother turn 69.
I have to remind myself that I am a grown man now, and everything is fine.
There is nothing material on this world to show how much I adore you.
These days kind souls like yours are so few.

Each day that I look and act more like you do, I cannot help to feel proud.
On your 69th birthday, we are going to celebrate with a crowd.
Everyone that loves you wishes happiness and health in all of your days.
I will be the first one to stand up to sing your praise.

My kids see you as their favorite grandpa, but to me you are simply the best dad.
You make sure to lift me up whenever I’m down on my luck, hurt, or sad.
I am lucky if my kids look up to me the way that I see you.
It’s time to celebrate your 69th birthday with your whole crew.

I realize that it is your 69th birthday, but I always think of you as a baby.
You’re my sweet little sister that has grown into a perfect lady.
I remember the first time you took a step, started school, and your first date.
The time has flown by so quickly it seems, at an astounding rate.

69 is not that old when you really think about how many years you have remaining.
There are a grandfather now, but you’re never one for complaining.
My prayers are that you continue to be healthy and satisfied in this adventure.
If your life was to be put into words, it would be a real treasure.

Whenever people mention you, I let them know that you are one of my dearest friends.
The care and understanding that you have for all living things transcends.
Your family and friends stand by you to celebrate your 69th year.
Let’s hit the town like old times, dressed in our best gear.

Friends tell me that they are not close with their grandpa, and it makes me sad.
You’re an important part of my life and responsible for the good times that I’ve had.
You’re so wise at 69 because you’ve been through many generations.
Please stick around for as long as you can to guide me through tough situations.

Old ladies that are crabby and mean do not make sense.
My grandma is sweet with an amount of love that is immense.
She is turning 69, but has always been wise beyond her age.
I’m lucky to have someone in my life that is like a sage.

A best friend knows how to have fun no matter how old they get.
We might sneak into a pool on a hot day to get wet.
69 is not near the end of life, but merely a new beginning.
There will always be a lot of laughter and sore jaws from grinning.