Birthday Wishes for 60 Year Old Man

Happy 60th birthday to a man I consider to be great
When you walked into my life, I considered it to be fate
I have learned so much from you along the way
You deserve the most wonderful and special day

You are such a great friend to me and have been over the years
On this, your 60th birthday I give you three great cheers
I cheer for you because you are a smart man
I cheer for you because you give in every way you can
I cheer for you because you are a man of honor, too
I admire your wisdom and strength in all that you do

Sir, you have been a great friend to me for so long now
I feel that I must honor you with a well-deserved bow
You are one of a kind and mean so much to me
Have a happy 60th birthday, your best one indeed

You live life to its fullest every day
You hold your head high and show people the way
To be gracious, kind, and generous of heart
I am sorry that we are spending this day apart
Have a wonderful 60th birthday this year
Filled with smiles, joy, and constant cheer

At 60, you are still a rock star like in the old days
You haven’t really changed in any important ways
You are still the fun loving guy we all know
And we still think you’re cool even though
You might be getting older and losing some hair
You might be getting wrinkled, but we don’t care
We still love you just the way that you are
Happy birthday; we hope it’s the best by far

In the old days, you were fast and you were fun
We partied all night and fished in the sun
As far as I can tell, not much has changed over the years
What do you say we go celebrate over a couple of beers?
We’ll talk about old times and go fishing, too
Happy 60th birthday, old man, live it up in all that you do

Who is this old man who is getting so old?
If I may, I’d like to take a moment to be bold
Your middle is soft, and your hair is thinning
Heck, I can even see your dentures when you’re grinning
Aw, it doesn’t matter very much to me
After all, I’m the same age, you see
Happy 60th birthday, you old coot
I hope you really celebrate and have a hoot!

Happy 60th birthday to guy who still loves sports more than anything at all
Turn on the TV and let him watch anything with a ball
Cracks open some cold drinks, and set out some chips
You just might hear him yell at the players good tips
To ensure his team wins every single game they play
I hope your team wins on this, your special birthday

Happy birthday to my 60 year old friend
I have many great wishes to send
I wish you happiness and a long life
Filled with love and never with strife