Birthday Wishes for 70 year old Woman

May the years ahead be full of joy,
Full of laughter and celebration!
I feel so blessed to know you, friend,
Your graceful life’s an inspiration!

For all the years you’ve lived your life,
Seen days of wonder, days of strife,
Seen foreign roads and homeward bends,
We’ve always been the best of friends!
So my grand wish, I hope comes true:
That your birthday can live up to you!

If I had just one thing to say
It would be, “Have the best birthday!”
For blessed we’ve been these years, it’s true,
To live in this great world with You!

For all the things you’ve done these years,
Made us laugh and dried our tears,
Brought us joy and eased our pain,
Danced like mad in summer rain,
Words fail me when I try to say
“Have an amazing 70th birthday!”
For though the wish is surely true
It can’t express my love for you!

All the things you’ve seen and done,
You made even the worst times fun,
And never gave me poor advice
Or acted anyway but nice,
So all I’ve got to say to you,
In hopes this birthday wish comes true,
Is “Thank you! You deserve this day
To be Amazing in every way!”

In 70 years the world has changed,
Filled up with tech so cold and strange,
But you, you’ve mastered all these switches
(Helped me out with all my glitches),
And battled everything with wit,
And conquered all the years with grit,
And now I’m here to tell you “Hey,
You deserve a great birthday!”

There has never been a lady so full of grace,
Who put on such a lovely face
And moved this world to joyful tears
As you have done, for all these years,
So this is just a note to say,
“Have a wonderful 70th birthday!”

May the years to come keep you brash and bold
And never see yourself as old,
‘Cause 70 years is just enough
To show the world you know your stuff!
Happy birthday!

At twenty you said you’d not sell out,
And thirty left you clear of doubt,
And forty taught you one great the truth,
Adventure’s wasted on the youth,
And fifty found you full of zest
And sixty found you doubly blessed,
So here’s my birthday wish, with pride:
That seventy’s one hell of a ride!

These past few years with you have been
A treasured time with my best friend,
And now as you turn seventy,
Well, you just mean the world to me,
So if I had one thing to say,
One thing to mark your special day,
It would be simply this, my dear,
I’m glad you’re here for one more year!

May all the days to come
Add up, and bring to us a larger sum
Of sunny days with brilliant weather,
Joyous times when we’re together,
All our sorrows kept at bay—
Let’s start right now with a Happy Birthday!