Birthday Wishes for 75 year old Woman

There’s many roles a woman can have
Over the course of her life.
Daughter, sister, aunt, and friend,
Mother, grandmother, and wife.
The role you’ve filled best, though
Is most important of all.
A loyal, loving, caring soul
Winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Such a life of joy and love
Deserves to be celebrated,
And my wishes of “Happy 75th”
Simply can’t be overstated!

After 75 years you’ve seen a lot of things.
You’ve loved and laughed and lived and learned.
With so many experiences far behind,
A lot of wisdom you have earned.
You’ve made many memories in the past
And have more in the future to find.
You know the importance of forgiveness,
Showing care, and being kind.
On your seventy-fifth birthday,
I wish you the very best,
On this celebratory day,
Just like on all the rest!

Age can be a difficult thing
For many of us to deal with.
Unfortunately the fountain of youth
Is simply no more than a myth.
You might have a crick in your back
Your face might be starting to sag
It may be true the mind’s first to go
Because your memory’s starting to lag.
But with age comes a beauty
Of a most special kind
Something that only comes
From the experiences behind.
It’s an inner beauty
Invisible to the eye
It’s a beauty of love, a beauty of strength
And it’s something you simply can’t hide!
Happy 75th Birthday to one of the most beautiful souls I know!

As far as milestones go, you’ve seen many
And this one’s just the next step.
You’ve flown past 40, 50, and 60,
Although, you’ve not reached 80 just yet.
With each passing year, you grow ever more wise
And you’ve passed your words of wisdom along.
Which is why we all get together today
To sing the “Happy Birthday” song.
You’ve shown us how to live, how to laugh, and how to love,
And you’ve taught us much more than all that.
So this year we’ll be extra nice
And spare you the birthday hat.

A woman like you deserves a standing ovation
For your achievements – both large and small.
You’ve reached for the stars, you’ve met goals,
It seems like you’ve done it all!

A woman like you deserves a tip of the hat
For the beautiful family you’ve raised.
Generations of love you’ve passed on,
And you’ve done so without being crazed!

A woman like you deserves an award
For teaching the world oh so much.
You’ve generously taught those around you
Tidbits of wisdom, and such.

After 75 years of working so hard
Curing broken hearts, bruises, and coughs,
Teaching and loving those all around you,
You mostly deserve a day off!

Happy 75th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a snappy broad!
Happy Birthday to a real swell gal!
Happy Birthday to a loving wife!
Happy Birthday to a real great pal!

After 75 years, you’ve heard it all,
Birthday greetings of all different types.
But we’re going to continue them strong and true,
Because your day deserves all the hype!

Happy Birthday to my favorite chick!
Happy Birthday! You make it great to be alive!
Happy Birthday and Best of Wishes
Now That you’re turning seventy-five!