Birthday Wishes for a Rugby Player

One-two-three pass! It’s your birthday. Chug a beer or seven. Have a good one!

Having you in the scrum is like playing next to a Hummer. Glad you got my back. I’ve got yours too. Happy birthday to a fellow rugby player.

When I heard you played rugby, I was glad I didn’t. Wouldn’t want to cross paths with you. So glad you’re on my team! Happy birthday!

Rugby players are made of steal on the outside and goodness on the inside. I’m glad I’ve got your good side. Have a great birthday.

Happy birthday. Couldn’t think of a better second row. Let’s go out and celebrate.

Rugby players don’t need a birthday to celebrate. Every day on the field is a celebration. Have a great one and let’s celebrate your birthday anyway!

In the scrum, in the line, you’re the one I want on my team. Happy birthday to my favorite rugby player.

Rugby is not for the faint of heart. Good thing you’re made of gold, heart and all. Happy birthday I hope it’s a great year!

Happy birthday to the leader of the pack. Scrum pack, that is. I hope this year is one of your best ones yet.

Wow. I didn’t know rugby players had time for birthdays! I hope you have a great year this year on and off the field.


Rugby is a tough sport. And you’re a tough cookie. I look forward to playing again with you next season. Thanks for making it fun. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday tough guy! I’m so glad I get to see you out of your rugby jersey. Let’s take it all off tonight.

Rugby. It’s not for sissies. Good thing you’re one of the toughest people I know… on the outside anyway. I won’t tell anyone what a great person you are on the inside. I’m glad to know you. Thanks for teaching me about sports, rugby and life. Happy birthday.

So I’m trying to find a birthday card for a rugby player and all I can think of is Wow! You sure know how to stump a guy. I hope this year is a great year and I look forward to watching you play!


Happy birthday to a great sport on and off the rugby field. I’m glad you’ve got my back.