Birthday Wishes for Brother in Law

As another year passes, we reflect on all you’ve accomplished and all that you are still striving to achieve. Let’s celebrate you and the man you have become. Happy birthday to an inspiring brother in law, and here’s to many more.

All my life I have wanted a brother,
you have filled that void like no other.
I can call you family as well as a friend,
you’ll be my ‘brother’ until the end.

Happy birthday brother in law,
cheers to the only brother I’ve ever known.

So sweet, so kind, so caring, it’s true-
Never has there been a man like you.
You put others first and cover their needs
If I tried, I still couldn’t count your good deeds.
You’re a man of service, a friend to the shunned-
you persevere until the job’s done.
We salute you brother in law,
Happy birthday!

We’ve gotten so close through the years, brother
We’ve shared many beers, brother
We’ve cried a few tears, brother
Today, let’s cheers, brother
Happy birthday brother in law

Today is your day!
We can party, we can eat, we can play!
Let’s celebrate in every way!
Happy birthday brother in law, hooray!

Basically, the coolest guy I know.
Right along side me, wherever I go.
Other guys might sell me short, I’m
Thankful for your love and support.
How did I get along before I met you?
Everyone can see that you’re a
Real neat dude.

I love you brother!
Not everyone is lucky enough to have a brother

Like you.
Always there for me, whenever I call.
We are brothers through it all.

Happy birthday brother in law!

Shout it out!
You’re birthday is here,
and that’s plenty to shout about!

Let’s celebrate you tonight, brother.
Happy birthday!

Another year older,
but maybe not any more wise.

A few more wrinkles,
but not really any taller in size.

Extra hair in the ears,
but missing some above the eyes.

No matter how dumb, short, and bald you become, you’ll always be an irreplaceable brother in law. Glad to have spent another year of life with you. Happy birthday!

God blessed me with you many years ago,
I wasn’t sure how it’d play out- friend, or foe?

Over time, we’ve grown closer than the rest.
When I think of a brother, I think you’re the best!

Happy birthday to a brother in law that has never left my side.

Brother, you amaze me every day.
Brother, you make me proud in every way.
Brother, you are a key part to this family.
Brother, you mean the world to me.
Brother, you help me out when times are hard.
Brother, my words go deeper than just this card.
I love you, happy birthday brother in law!