Funny Birthday Wishes for 75 year old Man

“You have to be very patient
to grow into a wise person like you.
Of course at your age,
most people have no clue.
We’ve gotten this far
and haven’t forgotten who we are.
Life as an old man is better with two.
I’m really glad I have a friend like you.”

“You’re 75
and still alive,
I can hardly believe its true.
I wouldn’t have placed you a day past 72.”

“I have no clue
which of your ages is true
you’ve told me
at least three
out of the blue
Just for today, we’ll say..
47, plus 11, add another 17
we’ll keep the first set of numbers at bay,
and now you’re a teen!”

“Happy Birthday to the youngest old man
ever to have me as a fan
although 75 is a little old to be a flirt
this lady still loves you, old as dirt!
You were breaking hearts here and there
But this tigress caught you in her lair
Lucky man, I’m here to stay
your pain in the rear, ‘til your last day!”

You might be getting creaky
but you know its kind of freaky
you haven’t changed much
your hair less, just a touch
At 75 you’re handsome as ever
although maybe a little less clever!”

“Memory loss
happens to all of us
don’t worry if you forget
it just means less regret.
Happy 75,
he’s still alive
we’re glad you’re still here
We love you
More than you can remember
can you guess who is the sender?”

“Life is long and can be hard
so let me give you a nice card
you may have passed a few years
nothing you can’t take care of with a few beers
in getting older, you make
everything look like a piece of cake,
I’d throw you a 75th birthday party, old man,
that is, if you can stay awake!”

“As far as old men who party,
at 75, you’re the most hearty.
Young men can’t hold a match
among merry-makers, you’re a catch.
You’re still as fun as ever
make it rain confetti, pull the lever!”

“Inside your old man body
the heart of a boy
so on your 75th birthday
I give you a toy
Old age is a state of mind
so you might as well be playful today
and just have fun
with your innocence
this heart you’ve won!”

While 75 year old men are teased be batty
but I won’t make my greetings catty
the truth is, you’re a gem
and your mind as sharp as a pen
with the wit of a novelist
your life you’ve written
you are the hero of the story
many you have smitten.
I’ll pick up your book again and again
If I were a reviewer, I’d give it a 10!”

“You’re a class act at 75
while most old mean will take a dive
you’re sharp as ever, and twice as clever
like a fine cheese or wine
with age, more and more fine.
You may be more lazy
and memory hazy
That makes an old man club of two
if we can remember who’s who”

“Your 75th birthday!
You’ve already made hay
so time to relax
you’ve payed your tax!”