Birthday Wishes for Colleagues

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
It’s awesome to work
with a colleague like you.
Happy birthday!

Time flies when you’re having fun
Two colleagues like us
are better than one.
Happy birthday!

Thanks for reminding me
that what we’re doing here
is very important
to those we serve.
Happy birthday!

Thanks for your positive attitude
It’s a magical interlude
From the rest of the workaday world.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the colleague
whose smile lights up a room!

Wishing you abundance in all good things,
like a raise, bonus, promotion…
Happy birthday!

Thanks for kicking us up a notch
with your dedication and professionalism.
Happy birthday!

If you ever wanted to clone yourself,
we’d hire them in a New York minute.
Happy birthday!

Grass is green.
Leaves are, too.
It’s the nicest thing
to share coffee breaks with you.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my lunch buddy,
who keeps me from going nutty!

If more folks had colleagues like you,
the whole country would run on time.
Happy birthday!

Hickory dickory dock,
thanks for taking
my mind off the clock.
Happy birthday!

You’re such a sweet colleague.
Thanks for all your good deeds.
Happy birthday!

Our work life can be like a zoo.
Thank goodness for colleagues like you.
Happy birthday!

You bring a precious peace
to our little corner of the company.
Happy birthday!

Since you came,
our workdays have never
been the same.
Happy birthday!

Work is so chock-full of rules.
Thanks for breaking a few with me.
Happy birthday!

Starsky and Hutch were great on TV.
Thanks for keeping it real with me.
Happy birthday!

If I could pick our team all over again,
I’d always choose you first.
Happy birthday!

Cagney and Lacey worked great together.
I bet you and I do it even better.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my work mate,
whose camaraderie keeps me from running late!

Happy birthday to my work friend!
May our professional partnership never end –
well, except for retirement.

I wish I could bottle your energy,
your know-how and your wit,
but with as much as you’ve got,
it would never all fit.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my colleague,
who turns mountains back into molehills.

Your inspiration
takes away my perspiration.
Happy birthday!

Thanks for chasing my gray clouds away,
leaving only sunshine in their place.
Happy birthday!

You have a gift
for giving everyone a lift.
Happy birthday!

Working with you is like
winning the colleague lottery.
Happy birthday!

Thanks for teaching me the ropes
and helping me cope.
Happy birthday!

We’ve got each other’s backs,
and that’s a fact, Jack!
Happy birthday!

If there’s such a thing as soul-mate colleagues,
then we’re the real deal.
Happy birthday!

You’re the Joe Perry
to my Steven Tyler.
I couldn’t do it without you.
Happy birthday!

Heaven and Earth
weren’t made in a day.
I’m glad God sent a colleague
like you my way.
Happy birthday!

Thanks for making our office
an island of serenity
in a sea of chaos.
Happy birthday!