Birthday Wishes for Sister in Law

For my sister in-law on her birthday.
I’ve gained a sister through marriage,
But you’re more than just a new addition to the family.
You’ve become like my sister I’ve known since birth.
I could go on and on about what you mean to me,
But I’ll just say that I love you because you’re one of us now.
And, I am so proud to call you sister.

Sister in-law, I want to take off those last two words.
You mean more to me than some made up phrase.
You have been a true sister to me all this time,
And I am so proud to call you one of us.
I remember your first time with the family,
And I knew you belonged with us.
Please take this card as sincere appreciation
Of who you’ve become to me.

The best thing that happened was when you joined the family.
This is your birthday, sister in-law, and I celebrate it every time.
I pretend that we’ve done this our whole lives.
You’ve become so dear to me, and I hope you feel the same.
I am just so glad to have a new sister in my life
Because you’re closer than family to me.

My sister in-law, your birthday is today.
I remember trying to memorize the date, the day, the time
Because you became someone who means so much to me.
I squealed with glee when you joined the family,
But I rest easy every day knowing you’re in my life.
Thank you for being you
Because you were just the sister I needed.

This card is for you, sister in-law, on your birthday.
You have become my most favorite person in the world.
I never had a sister, and now you are here.
I hope to have you around until our grandchildren play together as cousins.
But, today is your birthday and you deserve something special.
So, I’ll say I love you, and give the hug you deserve.

This birthday card is for my sister in-law who is really a sister.
You came into the family and changed my life.
I cannot thank you enough for taking care of me
Like I was your flesh and blood.
On this, the day of your birth, please remember how special you are to me.

The best thing in the world was when you came to the family.
Your first smile let me know we were one in the same.
I am so proud of who you are,
And I jump at the chance to call you one of our own.
Thank you for loving us and caring for me
Because now I have a sister, a sister for eternity.

Sister in-law, I am so happy that you were born today.
I circle this date on my calendar every year
Because I need you to know that I hold you dear.
I remember ever year this day
Because I care about you in every way.
My new sister, my friend,
Someone you’ve always been.