Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

For all the times you played with me,
Tea parties and spelling bees,
Gifts of fancy dolls and toys,
Putting up with all those boys,
Even when I made you mad,
You’ve always been the world’s best dad!

I hope the years ahead are full
Of all the things you like to do,
Like football, beer at baseball games,
Cooking over open flames,
I hope the fishing’s never bad…
I’m so proud that you’re my dad!

May you finally get your own man cave,
May your favorite team be strong and brave,
May your lawn grow green and without weed,
For this one day from chores be freed!
May all your birthday dreams come true,
Nobody deserves it more than you!

I know it’s not always easy having a daughter,
Those teenaged-years of treading water,
And you always showed such patience and pride,
And took all our crazy times in stride,
Though I know I drove you raving mad,
I just want to say thanks to the world’s greatest dad!

You were always the one that tucked me in bed,
Fixed my scrapes and kissed my head,
Read me stories and played in the yard,
Even let me cheat at cards!
You always taught me to be strong,
And to admit when I was wrong,
And all the best in me, it’s true,
Came from hanging out with you!

May you birthday be full of joy and fun,
May you know I’m proud of all you’ve done,
Because though we don’t always agree,
I know you’ve always been there for me.

The problem with finding Mr. Right
Is finding a guy who’s kind and bright,
A man who’s loyal and strong and true,
A guy who’ll cheer me when I’m blue,
And never, ever make me sad…
I need a man as good as my dad!

All the best traits I carry in me,
Like honor, respect, and integrity,
Were things I learned from watching you,
‘Cause you’ve always been kind and true…
This world’s better, Dad, for your example,
So may your birthday joys be ample!

For 100 reasons I’m truly blessed,
But you’re my dad,
And that’s the best!

For all the little things you’ve done,
Our inside jokes, our days of fun,
The way you like to make pancakes,
For teaching me to grill a steak,
For raking all the leaves in piles,
I most appreciate your smiles!

All my friends used to say in school
“Your dad’s the best! He’s super cool!”
And at the time I shrugged or winced,
But now I’m totally convinced!

Today’s your birthday, Dad! It’s true,
There’s only one dad as cool as you,
And all the other girls out there
Wish they’d a dad with half your flair!

You taught me how to ride a bike,
You took me on my first long hike,
And all my games you did attend,
And (though it scared you to no end)
You showed me how to drive a car—
You, Dad, are a rock star!