47th Birthday Wishes

I’ve watched you sparkle
I’ve watched you shine
Through 47 Years
I’ve called you mine

And not a day goes by
When I don’t think of you
Happy 47th birthday
From me to you

Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the laughter
Thanks for everything we’ve shared
Today and forever after,

I’m thrilled to call you my friend
So happy 47th birthday to you
And here’s to 47 more years
Of a friendship so true.

47 years ago you came on this earth
And since then you’ve accomplished so much
I’ve watched as you faced every struggle in life
And overcome everything by being so tough.

Don’t forget that I love you
as you blow out those candles today
And know that I love you
in each and every single way.

Life is an amazing journey
Thanks to the friends we meet along the way
Your entry into my life
is one I remember to this day.

You charmed me with your wit
And you held me captive with your style
So happy 47th birthday to you
I hope you’ll spend it with me for awhile.

Birthdays are blessings
that help us remember
those friends we hold dear
Those friends who’ve never surrendered

You’ve faced each year
and become better with each one
So on your 47th birthday,
I hope you’ll take the time to have some fun!

You’re a person of incredible strength
I love your wisdom and your smile
Today is 47 years of you
going an extra mile

To take time for a friend
And show them that you care
That’s why on this, your birthday,
I will be happily there.

You’re my best friend when I’m troubled
And my wisdom when I can’t find strength
My very best of confidants
that has always gone to any length

To be there for me when I need you
Cause you’re just the greatest guy
Happy 47th birthday my friend
I hope you know I love you and why.

Dance in the rain on your birthday
It’s time to be young again
You’ve got everything you need around you
a family and a best friend

That thinks the world of you
And knows you’re so special, it’s true
That’s why I’m here to scream out loud
Happy 47th to you.

I can’t count all the reasons
Your life has meant so much to me
Just know that when I see you
I want you to look at me and see

How much you’ve touched my life
And how much I appreciate your friendship
Celebrate 47 years alive
When it comes to life, you’re a great fit.

Take some time for yourself today
To reflect on your many accomplishments
Know that you’ve been a true friend to me
From beginning to the very end

And I am here to celebrate your day with you
47 long years since you were born
But there isn’t a single day that goes by
When you look even a little worn.

Your family is here to say happy 47th birthday today
We depend on you for so much
It’s time for us to give back just a little to you
Since you’ve left all of us so touched

By your kindness, generosity, and support
And your big beautiful smile
Happy birthday to you today
I hope you will cherish it awhile.