Birthday Wishes for Husband from Wife

Just so you know
I love watching you grow.
Just so you see
I love what you mean to me.
Just so you hear
I love you more each year.
Just so you understand
I am happy to be your woman.
I hope you feel
why today is a big deal.
You are my all,
the one who catches me when I fall.
Honey, I just want to say
have a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday my dear
Happy Birthday to you
It’s been another year.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday my one and only
Happy Birthday to you
You will never be lonely.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday my sweet
Happy Birthday to you
Now let’s go eat!

Well my darling dear
another year has passed.
Time to hear another birthday song
and listen to everyone say
Happy Birthday with cheer
and happy birthday at last.
Happy birthday after so long
today is your special day.

The time has come to celebrate
this special date.
This is your birthday
my love, so have your way,
plan a party, go for a ride,
eat some cake, and take some time aside.
Celebrate your special day
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Hooray!

Happy Birthday to the man I love so true,
today is all about celebrating you.
Balloons, cards, cake, and ice cream
today is about living your dream.

Happy Birthday to you,
let’s find something fun to do.
Happy Birthday my love
let’s celebrate everything you!

My love, I just want you to know
even though it doesn’t always show
that I cherish you every day
but especially today.

Today is your day
so just let me say
I love you and honor you
just like your friends and family do.

My love, you are my all
so let’s have a ball
today, tomorrow, and forever
let’s celebrate and grow old, never!

Honey, our love is true
and you should always know
that no matter where you go
I will always follow you.

Honey, today is your day
I hope you will always see
just how much you mean to me
today and each and every day.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday my sweet
it’s time for a special treat
Happy Birthday to you!

No words could ever show
just what you already know.
You are my love, my life, my all
even when my back is against the wall.

Today is your special day
so let me be the first to say.
Happy Birthday to you
my love so true!

Birthday wishes just for you dear,
please do not fear,
it comes around only once a year.
Today is your birthday
so just let me say
I love you for your ways.

Let me hold you close and near,
let me celebrate you, my dear,
for this happens only once a year.
Happy birthday to you
don’t ever be blue
I am always here for you.

Happy Birthday my sweet
time for a special treat.
Today is your day
Celebrate it your way.
I love you with all my heart
so let’s get ready to start
having a blast today
on your wonderful day!