50th Birthday Wishes for Brother

They say that fifty is over the hill,
But I think you still have time to kill.
You’ve lived half a century, that’s pretty strange;
You’ve seen the whole entire world change.
There is still plenty more to see,
More to do, and more to be.
There’s more to accomplish, and more to win,
And more that will happen that will make you grin.
Fifty isn’t so old, after all,
You have plenty of time to have a ball.
You’ve got plenty of more years to spend,
With all of your loved ones, and a friend.
So happy fiftieth birthday, brother,
I hope it’s a birthday like no other.

They say the sibling relationship is like no other,
Everything is different when you’re from the same mother.
We share childhood memories, and childhood fights,
We went through moments of bliss and fright.
Then, one day we drifted apart,
It was like we were following different charts.
But adulthood does that to a sibling relationship;
One day we’re just no longer joined at the hip.
But you’re still my brother through and through,
Even if you’re fifty now, you’re still the same you.
You’re the same you who teased me and told on me to dad,
And you’re the same you who cheered me up when I was sad.
Even if we moved away we’ll always have each other,
And that’s what makes you the most wonderful brother.
And we will soon see each other again,
I know that it’s not if, but when.
Now it’s your birthday so I must say,
Happy birthday, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Fifty years you’ve spent on this Earth,
Fifty years with very much worth.
Fifty years full of love and pleasure,
Fifty years of work to treasure.
Fifty years of growing from a boy to a man,
Fifty years of working on your life’s plan.
Fifty years of friendships and relationships,
Fifty years of achievements without one slip.
Fifty years in which so much has been done,
That you need fifty more years to finish everything you’ve begun.
Happy birthday, brother, and know that it’s true,
That I will spend fifty more years looking up to you.

To my brother, who I very much admire,
It is you who has always lit my fire.
You’ve made me try harder, and be better,
At things as diverse as basketball and knitting a sweater.
Now it’s your fiftieth birthday, and I wish you all the best,
You deserve to have a very nice rest.
You deserve to be with those you love and to eat cake,
And you deserve a nice, long break.
We’ll all be there, Mom, and Dad, and me,
Reminding you that we’re always a family.
We’ll celebrate how you achieved all we knew that you could,
And how you’ve accomplished so much just like we’ve always you would.
Let’s celebrate your half a century on earth,
With all of the presents and parties that you are worth.